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Meet Kunal Kerai - LinkedIn Top Voice

If you are a regular member on LinkedIn, then you might want to try your hand at becoming the LinkedIn top voice. It is quite simple because all you need to do is contribute blogs on their platform, Pulse. Having over more than 10 million subscribers, becoming the top voice on LinkedIn is too hard to ignore.

Job Interview Kunal Kerai Career Consultant

What advice do you have for a current student to be successful during school?

How to get a job after college or what are the potential entry-level careers for students after college or school are some of the questions that often disturb school going students. In this rat race, everyone wants to score the first position. However, there are some aspects you need to be aware of when you are still in college. Now, foremost, in these present times, grades do not really work effectively in making you stand apart. Most of the students work really hard to get good grades. Though it is not a bad thing to do it is also a fact that grades alone do not help you to stand apart from the crowd and get a job after school.

However, many firms realize the fact that they need people who have experience in working and who can work effectively in the field. Thus, if you want to be successful after school, you need to get some job experience. Now, this does not mean having a formal experience but it should be internship experience. You can go for internships in college and can volunteer to work on something entrepreneurial or a startup.

Moreover, indulging in internships in college would assist you in finding your passion while you are still studying. This implies that you will not have to go the conventional way of finding your passion. Thus, if you want to know how to get a job after school, stop worrying about your grades and think about the experience you need to get a desirable job after college. Moreover, you should also think about networking with the right kind of people who can assist you in the process. Go networking with people who can inspire you and can benefit you in getting success in your professional life just after college.



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