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The Art Of Managing Layoffs: What To Do When Layoffs Are Inevitable

The Art Of Managing Layoffs: What To Do When Layoffs Are Inevitable

The term ‘layoff’ is something most workers and even employers regard with a degree of uneasiness. We’d rather not discuss it unless we absolutely have to. Unfortunately, layoffs are a part of the corporate world and can’t always be avoided. Though the process is never easy, there’s an art of managing layoffs. If you know what to do when cuts are inevitable, you can handle this challenge better.

HiCounselor is the leading career accelerator for tech grads, so our finger is ever on the pulse of corporate culture. While we prefer to focus on finding the best jobs for our candidates, we know it’s also important to let employees go gracefully. Read on to learn more about the art of managing layoffs and what to do when cuts are inevitable. 

Prepare Your Layoff Strategy

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you will have to let some employees go, it’s time to decide how you’re going to go about it. You should establish proper assessment criteria to ensure you retain the correct employees without any bias. HR should be closely involved in managing layoffs and should help prepare for any legal issues. Try to make the decision and process as transparent as possible.

Let Everyone Know ASAP

Usually, word of impending trouble manages to get around offices before any decision is formally announced. At such times, the speculation and misinformation rates are often high, so make the official announcement as soon as you can. If layoffs are inevitable, let the employees know about it ASAP. The art of managing layoffs properly includes talking to the affected employees with empathy and tact. 

Communicate Clearly

As we mentioned before, when layoffs are inevitable, the grapevine is likely to be buzzing. There may be false information and baseless rumors flying around. Try to ensure you communicate everything very clearly. Both outgoing and remaining employees will have queries, doubts, and fears, which should be addressed with clarity. Try to clear all and any doubts as well as answer all questions clearly. 

Listen To The Laid Off Employees

The layoff will likely be a shocking and disheartening experience for affected employees even if they saw it coming. Some might wish to offer solutions while others may ask questions about the decision. The best thing to do when cuts are inevitable is to let people speak their piece. Though it isn’t a pleasant situation, if both parties communicate with mutual respect, there can be a future job offer. 

Reassure The Remaining Employees

The art of managing layoffs doesn’t involve just those who are leaving but also those who are staying. Whenever layoffs occur, the remaining employees lose some of their morale and stress levels are high. If any roles and goals will be changing, make those announcements clearly. Reassure them that they have a future at the company and that the company has a future as well.

Assist With Outplacement Support

An important step some people ignore while planning what to do when layoffs are inevitable is assisting the outgoing employees. Most employees work to support the company and it should support them too. Outplacement services are integral to the art of managing layoffs. Not only will the laid off employees find stability faster, the remaining ones will see that the company truly cares about all employees

Let Management Be Available

When layoffs are inevitable, top management should be present to handle the situation themselves. They should coach managers on how to talk to the laid off and remaining employees. They should also try to address the staff personally because the word of CEOs, Directors, and VPs carries weight. It also shows that they are there to take care of things and ensure everything goes smoothly.

We hope you can get some helpful insights from this article on the art of managing layoffs: what to do when layoffs are inevitable. If you’ve been laid off yourself and are looking for a new position, get in touch with us at HiCounselor and one of our mentors will work with you. We have numerous tools and services that make your job search a simpler and less-stressful process.