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Tech Jobs in the Post-Covid Era: What it Means for You

Tech Jobs in the Post-Covid Era: What it Means for You

COVID-19 was nothing less of a cataclysmic change that uprooted lives, challenged belief systems and remodeled the entire workplace. Jobs were lost but new career paths were paved. Salaries were slashed but new income sources were made. In short, the world was forced to reinvent itself in order to adapt to a post-Covid era. And this reinvention has been more pronounced in the tech domain where career paths that were previously unknown are now on the “Most Desired” list.

Emerging Tech Job Roles 

According to The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, over 7 million jobs will be created by 2025 across 15 industries and spanning 26 nations. And this will largely be due to automation as well as digitalization. 

Moreover, it is also believed that by 2025, close to a million tech jobs would be additionally created due to the multi-fold demand for tech expertise in non-tech industries. This literally means many tech professionals would be able to build a more satisfying career in industries that are not IT-related. 

Let’s take a look at the emerging tech job roles in the post-Covid era:

  • AI and Machine Learning Specialists

  • Data Analysts and Scientists

  • Big Data Specialists

  • Information Security Analysts

  • Process Automation Specialists

  • Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists

  • Software and Applications Developers

  • Digital Transformation Specialists

  • FinTech Engineers

  • Architects and Surveyors

  • Business Development Professionals

  • Internet of Things Specialists

  • Project Managers

  • Business Services and Administration Managers

  • Database and Network Professionals

  • Robotics Engineers

  • Strategic Advisors

  • Management and Organization Analysts

  • Mechanics and Machinery Repairers

  • Organizational Development Specialists

  • Risk Management Specialists

Increased Demand Also Means Reskilling

Tech professionals - in the tech industry or others - will undoubtedly be in high demand post-Covid because almost every single company would be required to toss away their old ways of doing business and rapidly adopt the latest technologies if they are to survive. Obviously, this would lead to an unbelievable demand for developers, cloud-based services security, cloud services and AI solutions.

Of course, it goes without saying that tech professionals who wish to advance their careers in the post-Covid era must upskill, reskill and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technology trends. Although tech skills are in high demand, the rate of technological growth is also extraordinary, especially since more companies have shifted towards the increased use of the cloud and DevOps. 

Moreover, in addition to mastering new tech skills and tools, tech professionals are also required to improve their soft skills, such as communication, listening, interpersonal, collaboration, critical thinking as well as the ability to manage a project till completion. 

In the post-Covid era, companies will be looking for tech professionals who are adept at the latest trends in technology and, at the same time, possess a well-rounded set of soft skills that help them gel well with a company’s wider, and mostly remote, employee base. So, it is wiser to develop a good balance of soft skills alongside the necessary tech skills. Check out if you have reskilled yourself in the following in-demand tech skills:

  • Python - If you must pick just one programming language to master in the post-Covid era, Python should be your first choice. The demand for Python is expected to grow by 21 percent until 2027. Since it is a simple programming language compatible with various applications, upskilling yourself in Python will help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

  • Cybersecurity - As more and more companies are adopting cloud services cybersecurity has also become an absolute necessity. Get certified in accredited programs on cybersecurity because the demand is high for professionals with the right skills in deterring cybercrime. 

  • Amazon Web Service - AWS is a platform that Amazon offers companies for cost-effective and accessible cloud services. Most companies are not fully competent enough to utilize AWS to its highest potential and hence require experts who are able to navigate through the AWS system and ensure corporate data is secure. Make sure you get certified in this area as well.

  • Docker - It is an open-source platform that allows companies to develop, design and run their applications with containers that store everything in one location thereby simplifying the whole process. The market for Docker is estimated to grow by 400 percent in 2024 and with this kind of massive growth, businesses would require professionals who can help them utilize Docker effectively.

  • API - Also known as an Application Programming Interface, API is a set of specifications and protocols that allow you to develop and integrate software. A lot of companies make use of APIs to manage their existing designs while integrating new products and tools. It is estimated that the global market for telecom APIs will increase by 22 percent per year up to 2027 and that makes it even more important as a must-have skillset for techies.

  • Ansible - It is a tool for automation that assists in the deployment of applications cloud provisioning, application deployment and management of configuration. Software developers can gain expertise in this tool to help simplify complex tasks and use it as a tool for IT orchestration wherein users can execute tasks in succession and create an event chain displayed on various servers/devices.

  • Java and JavaScript - Alongside Python, Java and JavaScript are both excellent programming languages that should be mastered at any cost. Java provides a solid framework and powerful tools to develop mobile applications.

On a final note, it goes without saying that the COVID-19 crisis made a major impact on various sectors worldwide, especially the tech sector. It intensified the transformation of digital technology on a global scale, making technology an integral aspect of each and every business.

The post-Covid era is tech-driven and favors those who are tech-savvy right from Project Management professionals to Change Management specialists and experts in Agile Methodologies. Only those who can help companies develop the necessary digital applications for their customers and stakeholders would be able to make it big in the next few years or so. 

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