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Frequently Asked Questions
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How long does it take for HiCounselor candidates to land a position and what does the job-searching process look like?
On average, it takes about 13 weeks to land a job through our Career Accelerator program. During this period of time, our candidates get direct referrals to Fortune 500 and start-up professionals, more interviews than they would get on their own, and eventually sign a final offer with their respective company. If this process looks longer for some, we are more than willing to continue to support them in their job search. We offer weekly 1-on-1 meetings among other services, to help support them during this time. It’s also important to remember that HiCounselor is free until candidates are hired and actively being paid. The maximum duration of our program is 12 months.
Any job offer you receive and accept while using HiCounselor qualifies for repayment. This is because HiCounselor not only offers job placement, but also career development services. This includes skills, strategies, interview preparation, and more that would contribute toward your job placement success elsewhere. HiCounselor is more than just a job placement agency. We become partners with you in your job search by evaluating, training, and helping you prepare for every job opportunity.
Of course! The HiCounselor Career Accelerator program is completely personalized for your unique situation. We heavily modify the Career Accelerator program to suit individual circumstances and never give you busywork. Instead, we invest time into helping you with whichever part of the job seeking process you could use more support with.
While we make an active effort to execute on every single requested referral from our candidates, we’ve found that these referrals are typically only effective when the candidate takes advantage of the many interview tactics and skills taught during our program’s training. If we don’t have a direct connection at a particular company, we will teach you strategies and maneuvers to get a referral. We would not encourage you to participate in our Career Accelerator program if you plan to be a passive candidate, who just joins and waits for referrals.
HiCounselor’s Career Accelerator Accelerator Program is most effective for candidates willing to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to their job search based on our training assignments and strategy.
Yes! We'll help you figure out if your offer is fair, if you could make more money, and if applicable, negotiate equity, stock options and other benefits as well.
An Income Based Repayment is a contract between you and HiCounselor. This contract allows you to receive training and assistance from us without paying for our service upfront unless you are currently employed and making over $40,000 per year. By signing the Income Based Repayment Agreement, you’re agreeing to pay 9% - 14% of your monthly pre-tax base salary until you hit your payment cap.
The duration of the IBR between you and HiCounselor would be 12 months. We put significant time and investment into our candidates during the Career Accelerator program. If you land a job within 12 months, you are expected to pay 9% - 14% of your monthly pre-tax base salary until you hit your payment cap to HiCounselor. On the off chance that you don’t land a job during these 12 months of the IBR contract, you can withdraw from the Career Accelerator program at no cost.
  1. Income Based Repayment (IBR)
For details, please refer to our financing page
We partner with Leif, an Income Based Repayment platform, to manage the payment process when you land a job. The IBR is between you and HiCounselor, but Leif’s platform helps ensure seamless application, signing, ongoing communications, and payments. If accepted into HiCounselor, we will send you a direct link to enroll in the program at that time. It is a quick and easy process.
Our agreement duration is 12 months. If you’re using one of our financing options and don't land a job within 12 months, your IBR will be cancelled, and you won’t owe anything.
  • The first week is a free trial. If you withdraw anytime within the first 7 days, you won’t owe anything and your IBR will be cancelled.
  • If you withdraw from the career accelerator program after 7 days and land a job within 12 months, there is no refund and will be subject to the repayment terms of your IBR. However we do offer a discount on your IBR based on your participation duration.
Assuming that this happens within 12 months after your start date with HiCounselor and are using one of our financing options, we would help you pause any payment you owe and help you find a new job! Once you are back up on your feet and financially secure, payments would resume where they left off. In the case of an IBR, the payments would be adjusted based on your new pre-tax base salary.
We never pressure our candidates into accepting an offer that isn’t right for them. In fact, we encourage our candidates to use initial offers as leverage to get even better offers. You are always free to make your final decision; we never interfere in your decision making.
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