Here’s What Our Candidates Are Saying About Us

“When it comes to HiCounselor, the biggest plus is that they will do the networking on your behalf, which in my experience saved 95% of my time and energy. I was able to then channel my time and energy into being prepared for interviews.”


Software Engineer at Habu

“Before joining HiCounselor I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Applying to jobs online with no networking and no focus.Thanks to HiCounselor's training and networking, I learned how to network and turn leads into offers!”


Business And Data Analyst

“HiCounselor encouraged me, always believed in me even when I doubted myself, and made sure that I maintained a positive outlook during the job search process. I would highly recommend HiCounselor to all jobseekers out there.”


Product Manager at a Leading Tech Company

“HiCounselor offers an overall comprehensive package. They train you not only in the technical aspect of the interview process, but they also help you with the behavioral interviews. The greatest highlight for me was that HiCounselor helped me connect with people in companies who I otherwise would not have even considered on my own, [such as] smaller startups and positions that were not advertised.”


Senior Software Developer at PTC Inc

“I was ready to give up [on the job search point] and I was at my lowest point...fortunately, HiCounselor was my last resort and they walked me through every step of the interview process. The program was the light at the end of the tunnel [for me], and I landed a job within 1 month”


Data Scientist at Neal Analytics

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