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HiCounselor Review

Reviews and testimonials by candidates

“When it comes to HiCounselor, the biggest plus is that they will do the networking on your behalf, which in my experience saved 95% of my time and energy. I was able to then channel my time and energy into being prepared for interviews.”


Software Engineer at Habu

“Before joining HiCounselor I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Applying to jobs online with no networking and no focus.Thanks to HiCounselor's training and networking, I learned how to network and turn leads into offers!”


Business And Data Analyst

“HiCounselor encouraged me, always believed in me even when I doubted myself, and made sure that I maintained a positive outlook during the job search process. I would highly recommend HiCounselor to all jobseekers out there.”


Product Manager at a Leading Tech Company

“HiCounselor offers an overall comprehensive package. They train you not only in the technical aspect of the interview process, but they also help you with the behavioral interviews. The greatest highlight for me was that HiCounselor helped me connect with people in companies who I otherwise would not have even considered on my own, [such as] smaller startups and positions that were not advertised.”


Senior Software Developer at PTC Inc

“I was ready to give up [on the job search point] and I was at my lowest point...fortunately, HiCounselor was my last resort and they walked me through every step of the interview process. The program was the light at the end of the tunnel [for me], and I landed a job within 1 month”


Data Scientist at Neal Analytics

“My favorite part of the HiCounselor Career Accelerator program was its flexibility; we don't have to keep aside our productive time of the day for each session. I could easily schedule my sessions, mock interviews, discussions, and so forth in the evening at my convenience. Another important feature I liked about HiCounselor is the personalized service and accessibility. If I email or ping any team member at HiCounselor, they would proactively reach out to me in less than 3 hours to address all my queries.”


Full Stack Engineer, AthenaHealth

“I graduated at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it was pretty difficult for me to network with people and define the right kind of job that I was looking for. I struggled a lot for nearly six to eight months. I later decided to join HiCounselor and soon realized there is so much more to job search especially in terms of connecting with the right people and understanding how to successfully network.”


Technology Analyst, Infosys

“I found it very challenging to find a job. I must have applied to over 1000 jobs and needed to find a way to speed up the process of being hired at the right company. HiCounselor has been a great choice to get the right training for interviews and also in improving my resume. The best part is that I got a lot of great advice and motivation from experts in the field. The instructors and staff at HiCounselor were friendly and very helpful in general. Overall, I've had a happy experience with HiCounselor”


Application Development Engineer, American Family Insurance

“The networking part was really good at HiCounselor because I got a lot of calls from recruiters. In my previous experience with other similar organizations, I did not get that many calls. So, I would definitely say that is a plus point with HiCounselor. After registering with HiCounselor, I got connected with leading HRs, recruiters, and some senior employees at top-tech companies, who even referred me to some of the positions within their companies. I got a lot of good interview calls for some of the positions for which I wanted to apply.”


Member Of Technical Staff, Nutanix

“I would definitely recommend HiCounselor for those who are struggling to find a job or even land interviews. HiCounselor is especially beneficial for individuals like me who are not comfortable in building a solid network or even connecting with LinkedIn professionals. HiCounselor will reach out to the right people for you and create more job opportunities that suit your skillset.”


Marketing Analyst, FocusKPI

“I like HiCounselor's email outreach program. Though I already knew about networking and how it helps job-seekers in the United States, I did not know how to do it by myself. So, if you are an international student like me, consider this as an investment. You will never regret HiCounselor's email outreach. I have a job now but I still maintain the excellent connections I made.”

Jeffrey Lee

Software Engineer at PowerSchool

“It's an excellent platform that HiCounselor is offering to connect with professionals who are willing to help you get your desired job. Even after I landed a job, I have been getting plenty of emails from employed professionals who were ready to refer me for the position I wanted. It's a great feeling...a real confidence booster! HiCounselor's 4-week sessions are also very helpful: you get trained, mentored and motivated by professionals on how to present yourself as the ideal candidate for FAANG companies.”

Ankita Lodha

Software Developer at FPX

“I was initially struggling with technical interviews until I signed up with HiCounselor. They have a very professional team who ensure you do exceptionally well at interviews. The Mock and Practice sessions cover all aspects including behavioral and technical interview prep. You also get good advice from the key personnel at HiCounselor to boost your confidence. I would definitely recommend HiCounselor”

Htet Phyo Wai


“HiCounselor prepares you to excel at different types of interviews. That's a huge plus. They coach you to articulate your previous experience into something that you want to transition to. I could overcome my distress of unemployment, find consistency in my job search and even reach the final interview rounds. I could not have done any of this without HiCounselor.”

Ivan Goryachkin

Product Owner at Accelerate

“Reaching out to recruiters was just not my thing. Nor could I land enough interviews. Even though I had the right qualification, I realized that I lacked the frame of mind to tackle behavioral interviews. Thanks to HiCounselor I could ace many behavioral and technical interviews easily. Definitely, with HiCounselor, your career turns positive.”

Varun Sreenivasan

Incoming at

“I highly recommend HiCounselor for those who are actively seeking a job or wish to improve upon their career not just for the current times but for the future as well. Every job-seeker spends around 50% to 60% of their time sending mails and identifying contacts. But when a job-seeker registers with HiCounselor, the awesome team takes care of all the hassles and all you need to do is prepare well and impress at the interviews lined up for you. The best part of choosing HiCounselor is the quality of networks you get to connect with, which will be helpful in the long run too.”

Vikash Kumar

Senior Data Engineer at Accruent

“Definitely, I would recommend HiCounselor. In fact, when I shared my great experience with my batch mates, some of them immediately registered with HiCounselor and even got a job ahead of me. At HiCounselor, you get an entire team of qualified instructors to train and groom you for the corporate world so you don't have to worry about getting opportunities for interviews. No more wasting your time looking for jobs on LinkedIn or job portals. HiCounselor makes sure you are well-prepared for even the toughest interviews. They do the hard work for you and all you need to do is give your best shot at the interview.”

Kamal Yadav

Data Analyst at Brambles

"I was on LinkedIn trying to send multiple job applications to everyone. But it just wasn’t working. I then thought of giving HiCounselor a try since we had to pay for their service only after getting a job. That was my best decision ever! HiCounselor pushed me in the right direction and my confidence level skyrocketed. I loved their sessions, mock interviews and practice tests. I got so many good interview opportunities and for the first time I felt I could easily handle any technical or behavioural interview easily."

Pushpa B.

Data Analyst at Apple (RMSI)

“What I loved most about HiCounselor is the Mock Interview sessions. We could book as many as we wanted and each mock session made me so good at giving the real interview. The pressure, the anxiety and the weird tension was all gone. You benefit from a lot of prep sessions at HiCounselor and trust me, every single session is well-structured. As a candidate, you gain a lot and you don’t have to pay anything upfront.”

Augustus Crosby

Incoming Software Engineer at Epic Systems

“I graduated a year ago in January and was involved in neuroscience research using AI. After I got published in the Alzheimer's Journal, I began my job search when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak and the job market was volatile. I was an international student and unsure of how to search for jobs but HiCounselor helped me get started in a systematic manner.”

Aman Gupta

Data Scientist at Pickethomes

“I recently had an amazing experience with HiCounselor, and I couldn't be happier with their service. As a job seeker, I was looking for a platform that could provide me with all the resources I needed in one place, and HiCounselor delivered exactly that. Their coaching and interview preparation was top-notch, and their unique resources and proprietary technology helped me fast-track my way to my dream job. What impressed me the most was their networking strategy. Despite it taking me a while to land my job, their team never gave up on me and continued to support me every step of the way.”

Tulika Sharma

Data Consultant, Tredence Inc

“After completing my master's degree in May, I decided to join HiCounselor when I didn't receive any job offers or interview calls. The initial weeks of HiCounselor training provided me with valuable insights into networking and strategic job applications. The platform not only guided me in applying for jobs but also offered crucial assistance in enhancing my skills through various projects. It helped me prepare my resume, provided technical and behavioral mock interviews, and even facilitated an unpaid internship to gain practical experience. Overall, my journey with HiCounselor was enriching, as it equipped me with course content, projects, networking abilities, and interview skills, which proved instrumental in my professional development.”

Sandeep Jalui

Machine Learning Engineer at HP

“HiCounselor was the missing piece I needed in my job search journey. Aspiring to become a software developer, I was craving structure and guidance. HiCounselor's program provided just that—someone to tell me exactly what to do during my job search. Their step-by-step approach was a game-changer, helping me secure a position as a software developer. I couldn't be happier with the support I received!”

Mark Wang

Software Developer

“I had been struggling for a long time in the job search process and when I saw my seniors landing jobs through HiCounselor, I decided to go for the program. The journey was nothing short of a rollercoaster but their step-by-step approach was a game-changer, helping me secure a position finally at a great company, I now work for!”

Harshit Srivsatava

Business Analyst, Centers Plan for Healthy Living

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