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Make your dream of landing a job at a top tech company a reality. HiCounselor will guide you through your entire job hunt journey.

  • Land more interviews quickly through our proven networking methodology
  • Prepare and ace your technical interviews
  • Prepare and impress on your behavioral interviews
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Why choose the HiCounselor
Job Search Accelerator Program?

Free until you get hired

Don't pay anything until you've landed a job and have been working for at least 1 month.


Our dedicated team of experts will guide you at every step of the way to network effectively and ensure you get multiple interview calls.

Get referrals at our partner companies

We have partnered with 150+ tech companies where our fellows get priority over every other applicant.

Technical and behavioral interview preparation

We offer interview training and preparation with highly accredited mentors from top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


Upfront payment

Don’t pay until you get paid !

There is no upfront cost required to enroll in HiCounselor Job Search Accelerator Program; we only get paid when you do. The program is based on an income share agreement. The way it works is only after you get hired, you pay back 9% of first year's income as you earn it. We evaluate each candidate before accepting them into our program. Once you are admitted, we will make all the necessary investment in you until you get hired.

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“HiCounselor not only taught me networking strategies, but also performed networking for me which helped me land a number of interviews. HiCounselor has a well-defined system where they took care of my networking tasks and saved 95% of my time which I spent on preparing for interviews.”



How long before you can expect to land a job?

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    Minimum 3-4 Weeks

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    Average 6-8 Weeks

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Start Date Career Track Application Deadline  
Nov 11 Software Engineering Nov 6 Get Started
Nov 11 Data Science Nov 6 Get Started
Nov 11 Product Management Nov 6 Get Started

Program Structure


  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Resume Optimization
  • LinkedIn Review
  • Technical Interview Prep (Basic)
  • Functional Interview Prep (Basic)
  • Identify Relevant Job Positions
  • Strategic Networking
  • Ace Information Interview
  • Technical Interview Prep (Advanced)
  • Functional Interview Prep (Advanced)
  • Referral and Outreach
  • Pre-interview Research
  • Intensive Interview Prep
  • Mock Interviews
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Opportunity Sourcing
  • Networking and Outreach
  • Company Specific Interview Prep
  • Opportunity Sourcing (Cont.)
  • Networking and Outreach (Cont.)
  • Mock Interviews
  • Strengthen Gaps
  • Progress Analysis and Strategy Revision
  • HiCounselor fellows start getting interview calls after their 3rd week into our job search accelerator program. We continue supporting you with opportunity sourcing, networking and weekly 1-on-1's until you land a job.

Make a wise career decision

You should join HiCounselor Job Search Accelerator Program if...

  • You are tired of applying to hundreds of online job applications
  • You are not getting enough interviews
  • You are struggling to overcome technical and/or behavioral interviews
  • You need a mentor who can guide you at every step of your job search journey

How to apply

Due to limited program capacity and increased demand, we interview each applicant before accepting them into our program.