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What Sets The HiCounselor Job Accelerator Program Apart?

We Don't Get Paid Until You Do
We Don't Get Paid Until You Do

We have a proven track record of success. That's why we're confident you'll get the job you've been seeking . We accept no payment until you land it and are actively being paid.

Get More Interviews, And Ace Them
Get More Interviews, And Ace Them

Not only does our program provide excellent interview tools designed to ensure you ace the interviews you secure - but our proprietary software does ALL OF THE NETWORKING FOR YOU. This allows you to spend more time honing your interview skills.

Referrals To Our Partner Companies
Referrals To Our Partner Companies

We've partnered with over 200+ tech companies. Our candidates get priority over every other applicant.

Technical And Behavioral Interview Prep
Technical And Behavioral Interview Prep

With training from mentors from top companies like Facebook and Google, you'll have every tool in your arsenal of success.

Upfront payment

Upfront payment


We understand that for new graduates as well as those that are searching for a job,money can be tight. That's why we believe in “paying it forward”. Our job accelerator program is completely free until you start getting paid.
Here's how it works: We thoroughly evaluate every potential candidate who applies to our program -that's how we know you'll succeed. We invest in you. Then, once you've landed that dream job, you pay back 9% of your first year's salary as you earn it.

We are also now accepting candidates who are currently employed and looking for bigger and better opportunities. If you are already employed and making at least $40k/year, an enrollment fee of $1,500 is required but it will be deducted from your ISA.

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Here’s What Our Candidates Are Saying About Us

“I was ready to give up [on the job search point] and I was at my lowest point...fortunately, HiCounselor was my last resort and they walked me through every step of the interview process. The program was the light at the end of the tunnel [for me], and I landed a job within 1 month”


Data Scientist at Neal Analytics

“Before joining HiCounselor I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Applying to jobs online with no networking and no focus.Thanks to HiCounselor's training and networking, I learned how to network and turn leads into offers!”


Business And Data Analyst

“HiCounselor encouraged me, always believed in me even when I doubted myself, and made sure that I maintained a positive outlook during the job search process. I would highly recommend HiCounselor to all jobseekers out there.”


Product Manager at a Leading Tech Company

How Long Before You'll Land a Job

Average 8 Weeks

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Start Date Career Track Application Deadline  
19th Dec Software Engineering 17th Dec APPLY NOW
19th Dec Data Science 17th Dec APPLY NOW
19th Dec Product Management 17th Dec APPLY NOW
19th Dec Salesforce Consultant 17th Dec APPLY NOW

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Program Structure

Week By Week

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week 4

Make The Right Career Move

HiCounselor’s job search accelerator program is the right fit for you if:

  • You’ve applied for hundreds of jobs with no results
  • You’re not getting nearly enough interview opportunities
  • You’re struggling with technical and/or behavioral interviews
  • You’re looking for a top-notch mentor to guide you through every step of the way