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Our career accelerator combines technology and professional mentorship from top tech companies to help you get more interviews and land your dream job faster. We work on the Income Share Agreement where you'll pay us 9% of the first year's salary ONLY if you land a job.
Start Date: 3rd Apr 2023
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Habib Karbasian
Data Scientist at Neal Analytics
“I was ready to give up [on the job search point] and I was at my lowest point...fortunately, HiCounselor was my last resort and they walked me through every step of the interview process. The program was the light at the end of the tunnel [for me], and I landed a job within 1 month”
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Wei Yuan
Business And Data Analyst
“Before joining HiCounselor I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Applying to jobs online with no networking and no focus.Thanks to HiCounselor's training and networking, I learned how to network and turn leads into offers!”
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Akshay Kulkarni
Product Manager at a Leading Tech Company
“HiCounselor encouraged me, always believed in me even when I doubted myself, and made sure that I maintained a positive outlook during the job search process. I would highly recommend HiCounselor to all jobseekers out there.”
Start Date: 3rd Apr 2023