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HiCounselor Career Accelerator

Pricing Guide

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Income Based Repayment

Defer payment until you land a job.

How it works:

The IBR (Income Based repayment) lets you participate in our career accelerator program with ZERO upfront cost. You only make tuition payments after you land a job earning at least $40,000/year.

Total Price: We've structured our pricing for your convenience, ensuring easy payments. Additionally, our fixed pricing means your costs remain the same, even if your salary increases.
Please refer here for more information on our Starter and Advanced packages.

Starter Package Cost - $10,000

Advanced Package Cost - $15,000

Best if you want to:

Have no upfront costs, defer payments until after you’re hired, and be protected when you’re not earning.


All US-based candidates. International candidates must have an SSN to apply.

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