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Techathon 2023

Real Time Coding Challenge Platform to Crack Technical Round with Top Tech Companies!

Eligibility: Open to All

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Free Access to HiCounselor’s Coding Platform

General Guidelines:

  • The event is meant for job seekers who are struggling to clear their technical rounds.
  • The challenge will be held entirely online.
  • You have to participate individually.
  • Rankings and scores are determined based on your performance.
  • You have to complete the challenge in one sitting.
  • Ensure that your laptop is fully charged prior to starting the challenge.
  • Ensure that your mouse cursor remains visible on the screen at all times.
  • Refrain from clicking on any pop-ups that appear on your screen, as clicking on them will be deemed as moving the cursor outside the screen, leading to disqualification.
  • Disable background processes on your laptop while participating in the challenge.

How to Participate?

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HiCounselor’s Upcoming Techathon Events:

Career Track Start Date End Date Sign up Link
Data Analyst - - To be updated
Software Engineer - - To be updated

Technical Round Rules:

  • There will be a given set of problems to be answered within a 60-minute timeframe.
  • The challenge will be role-based to cater to the specific skills of participants. For instance, Data Analysts can expect questions related to Python and SQL, while Software Developers can expect questions related to Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, and C#.
  • Participants can solve problems in any order.
  • You have to code on our live platform and submit your solutions through the same platform.
  • The scoring will be conducted directly on the platform, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process.
  • The event will be open for 3-days.

Evaluation & Ranking Criteria:

  • Participants will receive the same set of problems, each with a specified point value.
  • Our system will evaluate your submissions with predetermined inputs, generating scores accordingly.
  • Ties will be broken based on the total time taken to solve problems.
  • To ensure the integrity of the contest, anti-cheating/ proctoring measures will include photo capture every 5 seconds and disqualification for navigating away from the test page.
  • A leaderboard will be posted on our social media platform. Certificates will be awarded to individuals who successfully complete the challenge, strictly adhere to the anti-cheating code, and attain a minimum score of 40%.