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What Are The Secret Ingredients Of Your Powerful Writing Skills?

A key ingredient of how to improve your writing skill is read as much as you can. Explore other's topics and keep practising on your writing skills as writing is not just an overnight thing. It takes time to be a good writer and write impressively. Go through speeches and express yourself strongly.


Job Interview Alex Zhu Career Consultant

Well, we all know that writing is not just a matter of a day or two. It takes a lot of time and practice to write flawlessly. Expert expresses his views on how to improve your writing skills. If you want to become proficient, then training is the key.

  • Not only practice you need to keep yourself up to date. Expert suggests reading as much as you can, see examples of how people write and what all they include to make their articles engaging. Make sure you invariably understood, listen to podcasts, listen to speeches, debates, and views of other people.
  • Try and explore as much as you can. Nobody is perfect in this world, but yes, an effort to improve yourself will lead you. Always try to be better than before. Understand how to formulate different articles and speeches.
  • Try to grab their secret ingredient and imbibe them in your work. The strongest component can even be targeting the correct audience.
  • Whatever you write will only sound powerful if it is reaching to the target audience as it will create a significant impact on everyone's mind. Try and convert the audience's thoughts into your words. Another point, expert feels loud reading while writing.
  • Reading creates a positive mark on your writing. When you read while writing then the word flows out differently as you can analyse what you are writing and it is going to affect the people. It also helps you in focusing on your thoughts and ideas and makes it so impact-full that it directly hits people's mind.
  • While writing a LinkedIn blog, keep the target audience in mind always. We all write different scripts; however, while writing on any particular subject focus on the readers of the topic as they are the ones who are going to make it most powerful.


A lot of people read your Articles, how did you promote your Articles when you didn’t have any followers?

In this article, we will discuss how to get followers on LinkedIn. The expert said when he started writing around two to three years back LinkedIn did not have any specific way to promote articles and reach out to users. So, he uses to enter hashtags and then through their system articles were filtered and then the readers use to identify the targeted ones and read it. Another way was to write and promote your items in your network like on your social media sites whether it is Facebook or twitter. It will be a great opportunity to sharing your thoughts among your friends share it with your family even share with people like your followers on different platforms. That's a great way to introduce them to say whatever topic you're writing.

Besides, you can share it on LinkedIn as well after you publish it you can share it with your connections as well so that's an excellent opportunity to extend that brand. It is an excellent resource because a lot of the time a lot of people don't interact with different platforms so say you’re your Facebook friends wouldn't necessarily be looking at things you post on LinkedIn in terms of content, so it's a great opportunity to kind of reach out to them.

In addition to that once you are reaching out and getting more people the view and look at these articles a lot of the times, people might reach out to you and compliment that it was a great article and they would love to feature on say their publication or on their web site. Those are always great opportunity it's further spreading what you're writing for the search ideas to get to a broader audience. So, spread your views as much as you can and get more opinions and views on it within your network.



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