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Strategy To Get Internship In Finance? | Interview Format | Internship Experience at EY

To get an answer to the question to how to get an internship in Finance, you need to listen to what experts have to say. As per them, you need to focus on building your personal network. This will assist you in getting more opportunities and  more experiences about getting internship.

Job Interview Alex Zhu Career Consultant

How to get an internship in the Finance sector is a difficult yet interesting question. Economics as a major subject has often lured many students as it has many opportunities which branch out of it. These opportunities are often in different industries and most of the students are often interested in the following finance. The reason is that students get attracted towards the field of Finance not only to have an understanding of how the business operated but also having a clear understanding of the financial modelling behind the particular business. Moreover, this financial modelling is not only limited to business operations but also corporate finances as well.

Moreover, as a simple answer to the question of how to get an internship, experts often advice to form a personal network. In fact, forming a personal network is imperative for moving beyond the simple application process when you are on a lookout for professional internship opportunities. Moreover, as per experts, it is also important not only to establish a brand but taking initiatives and reaching out to people.

Whether the student is in his junior school or senior school, he should focus on building his or her personal network. This would assist the student when applying for an internship. This would also help the student in understanding how the company works, what are they looking for, etc. Moreover, it also helps you in getting an edge over other applicants as you get to know what changes to make in your resume or what kind of experiences would be relevant to a particular industry.

Thus, in conclusion, it can be stated that when it comes to how to get an internship in the Finance sector, you should focus on building on your personal network. More people you know more you will get the opportunities to get a professional internship.


What is the Interview Format of Finance Internship Positions?

Previously the focus of selecting candidates for an internship in finance was much different from the interview format of today's. Nowadays many companies are minutely focusing more on the behavioral aspect of interviews.

  • Technical Questions will be Always There
    Of course, technical questions are still asked to find out whether you understand financial statements at all or not; if you know how essential they work or not. There can be market sizing questions. These questions will always exist.
  • Importance of Behavior of Candidate
    But as per the recent trend is in the air, no matter whatever industry a company belongs to, these days their focus is really on behavioural questions. The main reason is they want to know if you can be fit for their company. They will look into how part of your being appropriate for the team and it will be judged whether you will be the best fit into the workplace.
  • How are You Different from the Rest
    There are lots of companies who always have internal training before one began and so it is of less concern. The companies that are preparing questions for a finance interview making the questions in such a manner so that they can learn about you as a person and what are the things you are involved in, besides doing your studies.  

They want to understand if you will be the best candidate to do an internship in finance from their company. If one is approached with the personal questions, he/she must be prepared to tell the truth about it. Questions for a finance interview can be about describing yourself to the interviewers, like what are the things that you like to do in your free time? The primary goal is to get a holistic view of the type of person you are and what are the things that attract your interest. The new interview format for finance internship positions is to understand whether or not you would be the best fit for the company as well as the company cultures.



How was your Internship Experience as an Assurance Intern at EY?

When candidates are opting to get an internship in Finance from individual companies, many among them who are of younger generations have started to be very conscious about the company's environment and the company's culture. People are observing what kind of viewpoint the companies have when it comes to interacting inside the business world.


Why the Internship Experience at EY is Great?

  • Good Work Environment
    What is great about EY is the company culture of them. The company is very welcoming. Everyone there is incredibly nice. The environment doesn't create a burden on employees; it helps employees to push themselves constantly so they can learn continuously.
  • Lots of Opportunities
    In addition to getting an internship for finance jobs, EY offers various programs which opens up a wide range of opportunities to give back to the community. An intern can work on multiple programs on campus and learn a lot from that. You get to work with different organisations to focus on volunteering. There are opportunities to really helping understand certain communities among the area.

Such opportunities are perfect for you when you are doing an internship in Finance. It gives you the right balance to build between the professional aspect and as well as the community aspect. When you are doing the internship for finance jobs, you should enjoy the process of learning and getting opportunities to give back to the community as well. EY gives you the opportunities where they really want to encourage you to ask questions. You are pushed to learn about such experiences to make yourself better.



What Courses Would You Recommend Students to Get an Internship in Finance?

  • Importance of career counselling
    While giving important career advice to the students, the counselor talks about what importance the colleges as a vital educational institution set in our lives. According to the anonymous, many students come to college collecting career advises from others so that they can implement them to have a successful career. Secondly, he says that many students come to colleges without even deciding what they should take up to have a great job. According to the anonymous both these kinds of students somehow pave their way to a bright career.
    According to this anonymous, for the students who join colleges being undecided, college comes as a significant rescue place for them. On his career advise, the unknown says that the college is the best career platform. There are students who come from all over the world. It is this interaction between the vast mass of students which makes them open to ideas as well as several careers. The students here deal with different students from different fields which help them in having a global perspective on different careers.
  • Focus on development of skill sets
    Another essential career advises given in this video is that the students from their school level should start working on their skills so that the moment they enter into higher institutions, they will be able to polish them. He asks the students then to look out for a career that will involve the full utilization of their skills. His further career advises, asks the students to take up the career that offers some different perspective. It will help them analyze their problems differently. It is an essential skill because according to the counselor, a lot of companies demand their candidates to be quick in problem-solving. It makes the candidate overall capable.



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