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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Look Impressive?

Having an impressive LinkedIn profile is necessary, whether you are currently looking for a job change or not. The profile you have on your LinkedIn account speaks volumes about you and either make or break your career prospects. Recruiters are busy scouting for exceptional talent on LinkedIn and if your profile has what they like, then you can be rest assured of a stable and secure future.

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If you are happy and satisfied with the firm or organization you are currently working for, then you might ignore your LinkedIn profile. Though you are a regular member on LinkedIn, you accept and send out requests, are a very dedicated member on Pulse.

However, you need to understand one thing, all that is not going to help your job search or prospects. Job vacancies do not come knocking, just like that. Recruiters make double sure that the candidate is a perfect fit before contacting them. Hence having an impressive LinkedIn profile is necessary.


Improvise your profile

  • The basic error many of you tend to do is not spending adequate time on improvising your profile. You are in such a hurry just to get things done, that you fail to put in the time to see that you have a profile that sells.
  • Creating a profile that can sell you without having to utter a single word, is half the job done. Though your profile might be complete, you need to see to that you can put things in a better format.


Get your own LinkedIn URL

Once you have completely filled your profile on LinkedIn, you must ensure that you have your own URL. In the sense, That sounds and seems professional than a URL with several random numbers and letters.


Add photos of meetings and workshops

  • Though it might sound vague, you can load some pictures of yourself in meetings or conferences, while giving a talk. It highlights that you are a valuable asset to the firm or organization you are working for.

  • Make use of a great photo that can describe you well. Do not forget to make use of the keywords that highlight all the skills you know. Apart from that, it is also good to get recommendations from your colleagues and seniors, if possible.


It is similar to that of a product review

They can be the game changer. Not to mention, the summary space is crucial for making a good impression on the viewers, who are usually recruiters.

As you can see, it is all about how well you can sell yourself using your LinkedIn profile. It is unfortunate that several deserving candidates missed lucrative opportunities just because they failed to do their homework.

Use the above-mentioned LinkedIn profile tips and come up with the best profile, which can actually sell you and give you better career opportunities.

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