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How Can a Candidate Create a Good First Impression During the In-Person Interview?

In this video, by HiCounselor expert mentions that be yourself during your interview. Make sure you do not think whether you will clear it or not, you genuinely be what you are. Ask more questions about the company, about the people and the culture.

Job Interview Kunal Kerai Career Consultant

Expert gives us job interview tips and tricks about how can a candidate create an excellent first impression during the in-person interview. He says the first thing always make sure you reach the interview place on time, neither early nor late. If you arrive 15-20 minutes before your time, then it gives an excellent impression on the interviewer. Never reach an hour before because it might create a pressure on the person’s mind. If he is in the middle of something that will give a negative impression.

Another thing is making sure you dress up well. Always being casual or formal does not work. Dress up according to the company’s culture. You can visit their website and see heir about us page. You will be able to see their dress code there. It gives an impression to the people taking an interview that yes person is fit for a company’s culture.

Next point, to be highlighted is just be yourself. Whatever you feel speak. Rather than thinking about what impression it is giving, be genuine and be yourself. Think about whether you have a future with this company or not. Ask them how things work there and about the company, about people, anything and everything you may ask. It shows your interest in them. They will feel that yes, the person is interested in the position. Do not worry about whether you will be selected or not.

Last but not least is, always send a proper thank you note to the person who interviewed you. You can find them on LinkedIn or if you have their email address mail them. Do not write a simple thank you. Write a few powerful words that you got a lot of learning from them and thanks for giving your valuable time etc. It is a gesture that shows your willingness to work.

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