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Key Points to Create a Noticeable Resume and an Amazing Cover Letter

As per experts, there are some imperative points to keep in mind when you are learning about good resume skills and how to write a cover letter. Your resume should have a simple language, should not have any graphics, and your cover letter should be simple and short.

Job Interview Kunal Kerai Career Consultant

How to write a cover letter when you are building on your resume is an imperative aspect that you need to work on to impress the recruiters effectively. However, with good cover letters, you also need to work on possess good resume skills. Experts have often said that there are some mistakes people usually make that can prove hazardous for their resume. For example, they do not make use of simple language, do not lay emphasis on how have they impacted the firm they have been working in, etc.

Changing the language used for expressing your responsibilities play a major role in your resume. For example, if you are working on the job profile of maintaining vendor relationship in your firm, you can easily mention in the resume that you brought in Five hundred thousand dollars worth revenue by engaging with ‘x’ number of clients. This language is sure to impress the recruiters about your job profile and will help you in getting selected easily. This is also the most important step of how to write a cover letter for your job search.

Moreover, many candidates are not aware of HTS, which is an applicant tracking system. It is a machine used by grand firms for putting in your resume and breaking it down into basic and simple words. This allows the recruiters to keep and search through resumes like a database. For example, if you are applying for a job profile of a software engineer and the recruiter has mentioned in the job description that he wants a person who has knowledge of Java, angular, etc. Now, the application tracking system will take in the terms, ‘java’, and ‘angular’ and it then applies an algorithm to rank the resumes available for the job profile.

Now, many recruiters do go through all the available resumes as they all are aware that the tracking system is not a hundred per cent perfect and may miss out on some really good applications. However, many recruiters also just pick up the topmost resume in the tracking system and leave out the others. Thus, it is highly advisable that as a potential candidate, you should make sure that your resume is 80% optimized to the job you are applying for.

Moreover, also another important thing for possessing good resume skills is that you should not have any kind of tables or graphics in your resume. Otherwise, the tracking system may get confused and may make some errors in selecting your resume.

Now, when it comes to writing a good cover letter, most of the candidates are not really interested in writing cover letters. The reason is that these cover letters are just text and nothing else and 93% of recruiters do not even bother reading the cover letters.  However, there is a key to how to write a cover letter as well. It should not be very lengthy, in fact, should be only half or three-quarters of a page and should be highlighting something about you which your resumes may not allow you to portray.


Even though many people go through my LinkedIn profile but I don’t get called for an Interview? Why?

It is true that many people go through the profile of each one of us but do not get calls for an interview. There is a reason for it that is it is very tough to do a LinkedIn job search. There are about a hundred eighty million people on LinkedIn and chances are extremely high that the recruiter hits your profile for the position in their company.  

Expert has shared his insights with us, and he mentions that he made the same mistake by saying being very casual to people and he sat for months and months. However, no one approached him for the same. He even told that he is LinkedIn's top voice but no still no responses came. You need to be very practical while applying for any job.

Sitting on sidelines is not going to help in any way. You need to be proactive as mentioned earlier as well that be very quick and smart in building relations with the recruiters. Create a network that people know you, and you know about them because the end of the day it is your career and only you are responsible for the same, nobody else.

There are so many qualified and unusual profiles on LinkedIn so recruiters will always be approaching them first. Expert still recommends to reach out to people and do networking as much as possible. You might feel icky about it, but that’s just fine. Helping you with a better future is essential.

One other way is even you should enter the correct keywords in your resume so that when it is uploaded on any platform and the recruiter searches the profile then, the exact keyword will help the recruiter to locate your resume on top. It increases your chances to get noticed and gives you an option to connect fast.

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