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Top 3 Tips To Consider While Selecting Data Analyst Employers | Top Skills Of A Data Analyst

An important aspect about the data analysis selection process is that you should know about the selection of your eligible employer. Most importantly, thinking about the direction you want to give to your career to form a good reputation with your interviewer and also learn about the company policy you want to work with.

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Developing skills of a Data Analyst is imperative for any new entrant who wishes to give his best to the said field. These skills are necessary to make an impression on the recruiters, stand apart from the crowd, and be able to give your best performance to the projects allotted to you. Moreover, while going for the interview process, you also need to have some knowledge about how to choose your employers well, so that you do not make any mistakes.


Three Aspects to Consider While Choosing an Employer

Selecting an employer can be a crucial point when you are thinking of making a move in your career or if you are a new entrant and the field of Data Analysis is no different. Here are top three aspects as defined by an expert to consider while selecting your next employer.

  1. It is imperative to know what you actually want in terms of career. There are many companies out there which say that they are seeking Data Analysts but the actual work might not be of the same level as you are looking for. Thus, understand what you want at this point. Are you fine indulging in a job that is not challenging for you? Is it ok for you to go for a job that may be boring as you always to do problem solving? Well, if you are ok with any kind of job coming your way, then this point does not hold importance. However, if you consider this a problem, it is always advisable to go for a job that is a cut according to your skills, no matter how long it takes to come your way.
  2. When you are at the later rounds of your interview process, it is important to note whether your personality is matching with that of the interviewer. The reason is that the person who is interviewing you may be someone with whom you would be working directly in the future as a Data Analyst and thus it is always better to like each other.
  3. For the third aspect, always consider your personal life versus the company policy. It is advisable to look for the company that has flexible working hours and work from home options so that if any personal situation comes up, you may be able to make a balance between the two. Moreover, the motive here is also to find a company that is working well for your benefits as well.


Three Important Tools or Technologies to Learn Before Applying for Data Analyst Job Role

It is always advisable to learn about important tools or technologies related to a particular field before you are applying for the said job. Same goes for the field of Data Analysis. Well, here are three important tools or technologies related to Data Analysis as recommended by experts. These tools would surely add up to your bag of skills of Data Analysis and get through the selection process successfully.

  1. You need to be really good at SQL.
  2. ‘Excel’ is another important tool that you should know about prior to going for an interview for the role of Data Analysis. The reason is that almost all the companies use ‘Excel’ and you really need to be good at it.
  3. ‘Tableau’ and ‘Power Bi’ are the two tools you should be studying before going for the interview. If you know ‘Tableau’ already, be prepared to get familiar with ‘Power Bi’ as well because the trend is moving in its direction.


Advice for Aspiring Data Analysts

As per experts, there are some important pieces of advice that an aspiring Data Analyst should follow. These are:

  • Be passionate. Do not just work for that paycheck or the promotion that anyone would get after working for three years. Be passionate about what you are working on.
  • Be happy and think that you are making an impact for your team when you are working on a piece of data and this mindset will add enthusiasm to your working style.

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