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R Vs Python, Which Programming Language is Preferred?

Here in this, expert expresses his views about Python vs. R., whereas he says both the languages have their own use and value. However, both are into the Data Science languages. It completely depends on an individual what they prefer.

Data Science Benjamin Rogojan Data Engineer

The expert expresses himself about data science languages. He says that he never tried picking one and it completely depends upon an individual that which language does he/she prefers. Both the languages are meant for data science, so Python vs. R is dependent on one's choice.

  1. Python is a Comfortable Language
    However, Python is a comfortable language because if you want to put something into operations and put it into its actual code. There are sometimes when there some major implementation takes place on a machine learning model then you do not use Python language either. You use Scala in that case.

  2. Python Language is Easy to Put into a Data Pipeline
    Python language fits everywhere and there are no worries related to this language whereas, R language runs on its own pace and fits on its own environment. It is harder than Python to shove into a workflow.

  3. R Language is Great for Research Purpose
    So, the expert thinks R is a great language for research purposes. It is a very easy language and a companion for every use. it is a language preferred by most of the people as per studies. R language is a little more complex than excel. It is just kind of writing out methods and inserting the data whereas Python requires a little more understanding if you know programming especially when you start trying to put it into again data pipelines.

  4. Depends on One’s Choice
    It completely depends on the task you are trying to do. Language always depends on what you are trying to perform. It is a type of language that even when you do not know you can still use it. You do not need to be a programmer necessarily.

If you're trying to operationalize code and put it into a system and you know Python then definitely it is the one that you should go for and helps you throughout your work.


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