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What Are The Interview Format For Data Science Job Positions?

The format of a data science interview differs widely from company to company but the data scientist interview questions are fragmented into a number of rounds including technical, behavioral and personal analysis to assess the eligibility of the candidate.

Data Science Thejas Prasad Data Scientist

The comprehensive list of data scientist interview questions and formats differs according to the company you are applying for. However, a few basic steps are common across all industries. The interview process generally begins from an interview scheduled either by the HR or by the VP of data science of the particular company.


First round of Data Science Interviews

While the HR would likely focus on behavioral questions in the interview to understand how good of a candidate you are, a member or the entire team of the VP would be more inclined towards testing your competence in the technical sphere. In most cases, the behavioral interview takes priority over the technical data scientist interview questions. The technical interview questions are completely centered on gauging the length and depth of the individual’s knowledge of data science from all aspects. Irrespective of which one comes first, both segments are considered as parts of the same round of interview. Following this, there may be two or three rounds more which will be directed towards a comprehensive assessment of your skills and knowledge required for that particular role in the company. These rounds depend mostly on how your first round of interview goes.


Personal Interview

The final stage in most data scientist interview formats is a personal interview with the team or panel of executives and administrators of the company.



What advice do you have for aspiring Data Scientists to be successful in their career?

To be successful as a Data Scientist, you need to work on developing three skills. Foremost, you need to ask the right questions at the perfect time. Secondly, you need to learn new things and finally you need to develop the skill of dig deep into the requirements of the field. With the help of these three skills, you will definitely succeed as a Data Scientist.

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