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Most Interesting Project As A Data Scientist -Thejas Prasad

Data Science has given our expert Thejas Prasad a lot of projects but one of them was a flawless one which showed him his real worth. He and his team made perfect efforts to make it a success and even achieved it. Data Science has always been a passion for him more than a job.

Data Science Thejas Prasad Data Scientist

The Most Interesting Data Science Project You Handled

 Data Science projects have always been mind-blowing as it needs scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems to crack knowledge and data in different forms. It needs a lot of challenges, and a solid understanding is required to understand the client.

Data Science is booming with speed and is an upcoming future of Artificial Intelligence. Data Scientist needs to be very particular in asking questions matching the perfect timing. You need to be an excellent researcher to dig into deep data fields. He used to live in Austin and now in Canada. He worked in Toronto and was working with a financial client where he was leading team, and it was not at all simple for him.

A team leader needs to be perfect with the things when it comes to heading a project in Data Science. He should be up with all the upcoming hurdles and face them with intelligence to create a remarkable impression on the client. He met a lot of problems in his project, but finally, he helped him adding an extra revenue of 1 billion dollars from the implantation of machinery morals. It felt overwhelming for him that his efforts benefit his efforts to create it a successful project worked and his client.

Efforts never go waste if shown in the right direction. However, this project gave them a lot of a hard time to achieve what was required. He and his team use to be up till long hours as in till 2:00 am -3:00 am and then sleep. Awake again at 8:00 am and get back to work was the routine he followed with his peers to achieve one solid model he was working on. Such a project gave him a lot of learning and excellent experience and considered it to be the most exciting project he has been part of till now.


The growing popularity of Data Science

Gone are the days when individuals were hired to keep records and data of offices. With the rise in the technological world, the need for the storage of data in a proper format has increased immensely and so has increased its quantity as well.

With the rapid increase in the quantity of the data, the need to study and analyze the data has also become essential. This had given rise to the field of data science which has started getting immense popularity in the past few years.


Role of Data Scientists

Data scientists now are required in almost all the sectors who can successfully analyze the various data and decode them. The analysis and decoding of data is an essential factor in enhancing the growth and quality of the companies and the multiple sectors.

The data scientists each day come into contact with a number of projects that further provides them with more experience and knowledge. This experience acts as a great aid to the data scientist to make a more qualitative contribution to the field of data science.


Interesting Project Undertaken

The speaker in the video provides an account of one of the most interesting projects that he has come across in his career as data scientists. The interesting project was to look into the matter of patents readmission into the hospitals and the attempt of the data scientists to reduce it significantly. The data scientists ventured out to get all the requisite information about these patients who possessed the most significant number of readmission into the hospitals.

The data scientists looked into all the aspects of the patients such as their socio-economic status and what exactly where the causes that forced these people to come back in the hospitals on a daily basis. The data scientists with the help of the information tried to figure out the various loopholes that existed in the system that was the primary cause for the re-occurrence of the patients into the hospitals. The data scientists engaged in the project of decreasing the number of re-occurrence of patients in hospitals went beyond the typical field of data scientists to improve the life of such people. The data scientists even gave these telephone calls to check up on them at a certain time interval.

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