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Prerequisites Of Data Analyst Role | Career Path And The Challenges Of A Data Analyst

To succeed in a career in Analytics, a person must have extraordinary Data Analyst skills. Thinking out of the box, having strong analytical ability to solve a problem along with being able to communicate excellently to the team are the most crucial Data Analyst tools that one requires. Data Analyst career comes with its own challenges that you must overcome to shine in the field.

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Prerequisites To Get A Job As A Data Analyst

  • Data Analysis Ability: The foundation of everything is that you need to have a solid data analysis ability. SQL is the most important. Everyone knows SQL. Right now if you want to get a job or be good at your job, then you need to be better than most of the people in SQL.
  • Out of the Box Thinking : Analytical thinking is always vital. Throughout your Data Analyst career most of the time you know what you are solving unless any weird project comes up. You know your goal with the data you are given, but what else you can provide as a surprising part of the data to your manager, your co-worker that's where you are different. Always think out of the box.
  • Excellent Communicator: To shine in the career in Analytics being good at communication is crucial. When you're interviewing for a job, it is probable that a person interviewing you might not be as technical as you are. In this case, you have to explain what you've just done in a simple language.

Especially after you got a job, it is even more critical than when you are in an interview. The reason is after you got on a job the people working around you will be best in other departments, other industries. So, can you make a complete outsider understand what you've done in your data? Everyone should be encouraged to practice to be an excellent communicator.


Career Path Of A Data Analyst

The first part of the career in Analytics definitely depends on where you are, what your first job is. It will give you different directions.

  • Data Analyst: In some company, if you can analyse this data on and bring power theory, power pivot and have some of the analysis in other places like tableau, then you are a Data Analyst already.
  • Lead: In that position, if you can fulfil your requirements do a great job. On top of that do something that your manager didn't expect from you, and you surprised him/her. After that, the most possible promotion out you will get is become Lead of the project especially after you've been senior already. After that, it really depends on where you want to go. Do you want to switch to a more technical position?
  • Data Scientist: If you want to go towards a technical direction, then utilize your machine learning and data scientist skill set and become a data scientist.
  • Manager: On the other hand, if you're better at talking, better at communication and leadership then be a Manager. Right now there's a big gap in the workforce between the technical people and the business people. So if you already know the technical part and you're also very good a leader then being a manager won't take it to you long. You will be the person that you know that can really consolidate the data and the business part well. Many lack these Data Analyst skills.

What Are The Challenges Associated With Data Analyst Job

  • Unrealistic Problem: This is one challenge that’s not only for Data Analyst but for many technical roles also. What if you are trying to solve a problem that is itself unrealistic or your result is not what people would expect it?For Example, You are right now analyzing some sales data for last fiscal year quarter four, and people think that “for last fiscal year quarter four we did all those great businesses as that department told me that they made the breakthrough. So we have done a great job right.” They are expecting some numbers but your analysed result showing you it is different from what people are expecting. In such a scenario what should you do? That’s the biggest challenge. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it happens, it is huge. Communication skill can play as your savior if you are thinking about how to become a Data Analyst if such situations even arise. In the beginning, being able to communicate what you have done, why did you receive this result and what does result could mean and talk about your result. Make sure that the whole room of people understands you.
  • Communicating Correct Information: To make the whole room understand you must make them understand your logic and for that, outstanding communication skill is required. Not everyone can communicate well. Every day after you're done with problem-solving the talking part is another challenge that everyone should overcome, and it is one of the vital Data Analyst tools.

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