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Here is what a Business Operations Manager do on a usual day- Fun Aspect And The Challenges

Business Operations Manager roles unfold every day with its unique work process in a company. It also brings challenges with it. The fun part of being a Manager of Business Operations is they tend to interact with a lot of people across all locations of the company especially when the company is global.

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What is Business Operations Role?

Business operations depend on the industry that you're in, the size of the company, the maturity of the company, the level of investment that they put towards advancing operational capabilities.

  • Business Operations Manager roles, in general, are focused on process. They're focused on technology and data. Operations create consistent standard data so that measurement and optimization are possible.
  • Once the data is produced the information it generates, help our leaders make informed business decisions.
  • Supporting your other organization, people in the field is crucial.
  • If you're in sales ops you would be supporting the sales reps, helps with territory planning or take a look at their pipeline on marketing.

Business Operations Manager supports the marketers with the various tools and technologies they use to get work done. Some processes and inputs and outputs are required during their day to day activities.


Typical Day As Business Operations Manager

  • Configure New Tool
    As Business Operations Manager, you can be in all-day configuring a new tool that is bringing on board. It can be heavy technical work. It was a lot of problems solving and thinking through the best ways to solve problems.
  • Manage a Team or Do Focused Planning
    There are other days that you can focus on process or planning. Manage a team that works on a bunch of diverse projects; they are each responsible. New things come alive online regularly.  
  • Regular Meetings with Stakeholders
  • Regular meetings help to optimize how these tool-processes work for them.

It's pretty fresh and new every week.


Fun Part Of Business Operations Manager

As a Business Operations Manager for a company’s global market, one has to interact with a wide range of people as the market is based over the world. One may have to talk with people on an evening call in Asia and an early-morning call in Europe all within the span of a day or two.

  • Build a Relationship
    Build those relationships with people that are from different areas of the world. Different cultures can be exciting and rewarding. For example; There are a group of folks that are planning on coming to the US to Raleigh headquarters and in just a few weeks and so those couple of day sessions are a lot of fun. One has to get everyone together and start to understand how they're doing things a little bit differently. What we can learn, how they're operating in a different country or different region.
  • Friendship among The Colleagues Brings Together
    Friendships between the employees make a difference and wanting to come to work. It makes it more fun it and keeps Business Operations Manager get energized when one gets to help folks from all over the world.


Four Challenges One Faces As A Business Operations Manager

There are many challenges in the role of Business Operations Manager.

  • Prioritization
    Prioritization is one of the biggest challenges a Business Operations Manager must acquire. Stakeholders are asking for new features or functionality or help to do something that they haven't had to do before. Figure out about the most valuable things. You can prioritize very high on your list.
  • Opportunity Processing
    We must figure out which will be the right opportunity to learn. You need to analyze the time it takes to deliver the values of the business. It’s very easy to say yes than saying no. You don't want to be the person that says no I can't do that right now. But sometimes you have to, to focus and actually to see other projects forward. So it's not just a management position; you also have to say no sometimes.
  • Time Management
    You need to support your team and do the things that a manager should do. Time management issues pop up. Time management is the key to success. It is vital in any role, but it can really be highlighted for the person in the Business Operations Manager. You need to manage your time well for supporting your team. It's difficult, but that is the challenge after all.
  • The Complexity of the Work
    You do know not every project is super complex but the ones that mean that you are working across functionally. It could be other teams and the marketing operations department, or it could be focused on other business units or other parts of marketing whatever that may be. Communication can bring one out from any trouble. Being transparency is the key.

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