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Learn How To Transition Career To Business Operations With Greg Milosovic

Seeking a new job or transitioning to Career in Business Operations is wonderfully analysed and presented by Greg Milosovic. The points are succinctly enumerated and all topics like what a Business Operations Manager role is, the key challenges, strategies to adopt and succeed in this role are all candidly discussed. He draws a lot on his own experience to simplify the entire topic and make it relevant.

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Greg Milosovic, the speaker, is a man of experience and great credentials. He is an American who grew up near Akron, Ohio. He is a graduate from the Bowling Green State University. He pursued a degree in sport management but somehow ended up in an Operations role at a tech company. He has a minor in marketing as well. He finished an internship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, while in school. Since 2009, he has worked at a number of different companies. At the age of 24, he got his first opportunity to manage employees. This laid the foundation of his management skills and helped him move into a fulltime manager role. He again moved jobs as manager in a company where his team was responsible for qualifying all the marketing generated leads in the US. This proved to be a career changing role for him and that is how he entered marketing operations. It taught him to be the bridge between sales and marketing. It also taught him how to bring together people, process and technology to create measurable outcomes. Three years later, he wanted to get more involved with technology and data and therefore took up a contractor role with Red Hat. The people there taught and coached him and he converted from a contractor to a permanent employee. Presently he is in a senior manager role at Red Hat. In the last 10 years he transitioned from sales to an Operations role. 


What is Business Operations 

Business Operations roles are focused on process, technology and data. Business Operations involves creation of consistent standard data to enable measurement and optimization. Further, when data is created, how to best use it to develop reports, dashboards and insights to help the management make informed and insightful business decisions. It also means supporting other people in the relevant field for their optimum utilisation of talent and capability.


Typical Day of a Business Operations Manager

 A typical day generally involves technical work, problem solving and strategizing. Some days are more focused on process and planning. Managing a team that works on diverse projects and people interaction on a global level is also another aspect of the job. 


Challenges of a Business Operations Manager Job

  • Prioritization
  • Time Management
  • Open communication


How to Transition into Business Operations Role

  • Do a gap analysis of your skills and how best to fill in the gaps by using resources like LinkedIn and HiCounselor to name a few. 
  • Consider an internship or volunteer opportunity that aligns towards building operations experience and be beneficial to you.
  • Make a lateral move or step back in your Company to forge a path in the career of your choice.


Career Path in Business Operations

This depends upon the company and the industry. It depends on how the Company grows and the investment opportunities available to it. Consider the exact profile you are looking at. Good and consistent work ethics, taking on responsibilities to manage new technologies and add value to the Company. 


Best Job Search Strategy for Business Operations Manager Position

  • Start small.
  • Understanding how your resume resonates for the particular role. 
  • Prepare and refine your resume.
  • Prepare for the interview and pitch well to the hiring managers.
  • Consider hiring the services of a recruitment Company who will pitch you as the ideal candidate for the job.


Tips to make an Impressive Resume

  • Keep it organized and easy to read. 
  • Incorporate data and remove the fluff.
  • Showcase how you impacted the business in your various roles.
  • Show your data skills and technical knowledge.


Interview Format of Business Operations Managers Position 

  • Personality test
  • Business acumen, logic and problem-solving skills test 


Common Interview Questions for Business Operations Manager position 

  • Why do you want this role?
  • Why are you looking to transition from your current role to this role?
  • What is your proudest moment from a business perspective?
  • Logic based questions


3 Resources to aid Business Operations Manager Interview

  • Join and follow interview prep agencies like HiCounselor. 
  • Read books, articles and other news snippets about interviews in general and the company you are interviewing for in particular.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask of the interviewer. It shows you are invested in the job.


3 Things to consider when selecting an Employer for Business Operations Position 

  • Look at the role, department and Company.
  • Look at the Company track record and growth potential.
  • Look at Company culture and management attitude


How to be Successful in Business Operations Role

  • Be committed
  • Learn from colleagues
  • Learn from reading books, articles and research papers 
  • Attend conferences 
  • Work additional hours
  • Close the learning gap
  • Ask relevant and thoughtful questions at meetings

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