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What Is The Key To Have More Women In Technology?

The video is a small description of the women who code. The anonymous expert in this video is asserting the world of technology and how women are pursuing their careers in technology. Along with that, she talks about the job boards for various companies that are seeking coding professionals. Other than imparting her ideas on the women who code, this anonymous lady speaks about the factors that affect women who code in a company as well as the factors which enhance women in technology.

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How do women who code in this male-dominated league?

In the world of technology women who code have to experience too many things in extreme. The technical world from the very beginning has been transparently male-dominated. In the video, the expert briefs us how the women who code can find a secure place in this male-dominated territory. Along with that the speaker tries to highlight how the elementary schools, colleges, and other higher institutions propel the woman who codes emerge out victorious.


Suggestion for the selection procedure

The video is not only for the women who code, but the video is also a tip for the HR managers or the recruiting officers. The expert speaks on what domains should the managers hire these candidates. Knowing the technical world purely men oriented, she advises the hiring managers to be quite open during the selection procedure.


How can we attract women into this league?

The first to attract more women who code is to stress that there exist equal opportunities for both the male and the female recruits. By doing so, we are encouraging women to take on leadership. When the women who code become an active promoter of your company, the company culture becomes attractive. It makes other candidates show interest in working with the organization. It is quite essential for professional women who code to make opportunities available to pass on their experiences to the amateurs. If girls are encouraged to think and produce well, then tech companies can assure a much more diversified future for the industry.


What are the resources available to help women grow in tech and leadership roles?

Supporting women in tech fields have gained a lot of attention across the globe in recent years, and so has resources like a tech meetup within associations and groups. However, before setting out to search for relevant resources for women in tech and leadership roles, one needs to understand whether they are already working or are looking for a suitable job.


How to find relevant resources for women in tech and leadership roles?

For those who are already working in the tech sphere, following coworkers, women executives and female peer groups on LinkedIn is a wonderful place to start from. Most high-tech companies also provide specialized programs for high-potential women, i.e. women who are high performers in their respective fields. They generally have the potential to lead others in a team in their companies and all they lack is some support, sponsorship and extra training. However, all of this begins from looking at what is available for you at your workplace.


Connect via tech meetups and LinkedIn

In case you don’t have a job yet, and if you are a student, connecting with peers, faculty and professional associations on LinkedIn is a great place to start. A tech meetup can also provide great opportunities for networking and finding coaches and even mentors in your chosen business field. Radar your sphere in terms of business functions, chosen professions and even geographical demographics. Furthering resources like exposure with associations such as AWE- Advancing Women in Enterprises, Asia Pacific Association of Young Professionals and so one. Moreover, resources like tuition reimbursements by the company is useful for working women who prefer formal routes.


Be open to opportunities

Striking connections with them in a tech meetup or a regular networking opportunity is quite useful as a resource. The key here is to not limit oneself in any sphere and approach every event with open minds.


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