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How To Build Resiliency Skills And Maintain a Sense Of Empowerment In The Workplace?

Women empowerment in the workplace asks for resiliency. The art of learning to be resilient makes any person capable of dealing with critical situations with a calm, positive mindset instead of giving reactions while wasting a gem of a time. Resiliency to deal with comes in life when one consciously retrospect own reactions with an open mind. It also makes you act better to deal with similar circumstances in personal or professional life.

Others Iliana Quinonez Director Solutions Engineering

Women empowerment can't be possible without resiliency skills. Resilience is when one is capable of bouncing back from difficult situations. It has the power to stand you on your feet again when you deal with a critical condition in your personal and professional life.

  • Building Resilience
    So the question arises if one can build resilience to be better at dealing with adverse situations. The older you become, you are likely to be more resilient. What matters most here is how fast you bounce back even if you have encountered more negative situations than others.
  • Significance of Positive Attitude
    Keeping a positive attitude to deal with adverse situations helps a lot. Positive mental attitude is of utmost importance to handle any situation in personal and professional life. You just have to be mindful about what is going on with you. Give attention to your reactions when you come across a bad situation in your life and attune with self.
  • Pay Attention to Your Reactions
    It's not easy to pay attention when you are reacting and has to give a conscious look when a situation gets negative. But if you go on with the process, you will know yourself and your reactions better. So, next time if some similar situation arises, you will be prepared to cope with it much quicker, while adjusting those reactions.
  • Adversities are Learning Curve
    Look at these adversities as a learning curve for you. A flood of opportunities will knock on the door. If a similar situation comes running at you, you will be well prepared to bat it out of the boundary without getting tense.
  • Be Self-Aware
    A positive attitude will unleash when you give time to build self-confidence and work on your self-awareness and other things. It will help you to recover from any situations in a click of your fingers. The more you will practice it, the more you will become resilient.
  • Micro Challenges are Opportunities
    If you look at your life, you will find out there are many opportunities to practice resilience daily. You can call them micro challenges. You need to bounce back on a regular basis from every kind of things that happen to you. You will also feel better when you build a positive attitude in adverse situations when required and put your energy to take a physical action instead of wasting time in thoughts.
    A simple act of smiling and laughing generates various substances. Different chemicals release inside your body, and it helps you to bounce back faster.

Building up resiliency skills is a vital part of women empowerment. The women become more aware of the self in a variable life situation and become an expert at overcoming it next time with utter confidence.

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