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3 Tips To Make Your Investment Banking Resume Noticeable | Topics To focus On For Interview

With the advent of globalization, the world is reaching new heights and so are the various areas of professional careers. The investment banking jobs are quite in demand among the masses. To crack an excellent investment banking job, it is of utmost importance that the resume of the applicant should be an impressive one. As the employers are burdened with handling numerous numbers of resumes for the job of investment banking, it is always advisable to keep ones investment banking resume short and crisp.

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With the advent of globalization, the trading borders from all across the world have been removed thus making the exchange of both goods and services a more smooth affair. With the removal of the trade boundaries, various professional fields have also emerged that are demanding the attention of the world's youth. One such professional field that has achieved an immense amount of popularity over the last few years is that of investment banking.


The Arena Of Investment Banking

Investment banking is considered to be a division of a financial institution or bank that serves the government, corporations and various institutions by providing underwriting, i.e., capital raising and mergers and acquisitions of advisory services. This investment bank acts as intermediaries between the investors and the corporations who are need of capital to grow and run their business enterprises.

Investment banking jobs have experienced immense popularity ever since its inception in this globalized world.  The scope of investment banking is also quite broad and carries tremendous opportunities for growth as career advancements. Internships in investment banking are quite essential as well as helpful as the course of the internship enables the aspirants to get a brief insight into the arena of investment banking. The internship also allows the interns to acquire more knowledge regarding the field of investment banking and also allows them to prepare themselves to be a leading example as an investment banker in the near future.

However, finding the suitable investment banking job is no child’s play, and one needs to chalk out an appropriate strategy to find the perfect investment banking job that adheres to the needs and demands of the investment banking aspirant.

The speaker in the video shares his experience in chalking out a strategy that had enabled him to get hold for the perfect investment banking job. The speaker states that to get hold of a good internship course in investment banking, it is crucial that the aspirants should go through all the major hubs of investment banking that would provide a good and useful experience to the interns as investment bankers. The speaker in the video states that he found San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City to be one of the significant hubs of investment banking that would provide ample of opportunities to the aspirants of investment banking.

Apart from searching for the major centres of investment banking, the aspirants of investment banking who wish to undergo an internship course can also seek advice from other people who hold knowledge regarding the field of investment banking or who have contact with persons belonging to this field.

One can also use the help of Google to find out other hubs that provide internship in investment banking, and then contact them through emails or through calls.

Another effective strategy to crack an internship in investment banking that the speaker in the video speaks about is to take any kind of undergraduate exposure that one can choose from a  marketing firm that gives the aspirants an exposure to all sorts of businesses in the banking sector.


Tips For Making One's Investment Banking Resume Noticeable

 To crack a decent job in the arena of investment banking, it is of utmost importance that one should maintain a proper resume of oneself. The speaker in the video very clearly mentions a fact of universal truth that everyone should pay attention to is that the employers do not go through all the resumes as thoroughly as though by the applicants. This is because of the fact that each day thousands of applicants apply for a limited number of investment banker positions and the employers possess a minimal amount of time to select the appropriate candidate for the position of an investment banker. Hence it is essential and advisable that the aspirants should keep their investment banking resume short and crisp that immediately comes to notice of the employers.

The speaker in the video provides with specific tips to makes ones resume noticeable

  1. One major tip to make the investment banking resume noticeable is to back up the numbers that one would be including in ones resume.
  2. The inclusion of all the experiences that is relevant to the field of investment banking.
  3. Another essential and crucial factor that one should keep in mind while making one's investment banking resume is that the resume should be well structured.


Topics To Focus On For Cracking The Interview

Interview banking jobs are not so easy, and so is their interview process. One should be well prepared by focusing on certain specific topics that enable the aspirants to crack the interview process. The speaker in the video briefs about the various topics that should be focused on for the clearing the interview process.

  • The aspirant should have a brief understanding and insight about the company he/she is applying for. The aspirant should be aware of all the technical aspects, the process of valuation, etc. of the company. In other words, the aspirant should have done a kind of business analysis about the company as a whole.
  • Knowing one's resume is also very essential for cracking the interview. One should be able to remember all their experiences accurately and be able to explain them briefly.

The investment banking job is quite a diverse field that is very much in demand and requires a proper strategy to become successful in the field.

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