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Transition In Business Operations -Here Is How To Adjust Your Focus| 3 Skills Needed | Career Path In Business Operations

The best way to bring transition into Business Operations Manager Job is to fill your skill gaps and train through an internship. Have a strong vision about the bigger picture about the grooming process you undergo to become a Business Operations Manager and then take a decision to make a fresh entry or a lateral move into this field. Different tracks like management, subject matter expert and other valuable routes can be adopted to make a smart move and be successful on this career path.

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Key Skills needed to Transition into Business Operations

  • Gap Analysis
    This could be different for different people. When you want to transition from your existing job and job skills, it is advisable to step back and do a gap analysis. Identify your current skills and compare them to the skills that will be required in the new job. Do some in-depth research and learn from past interviews. Always look for the best ways to fill the gaps in your skill set and knowledge. There are many tools and resources online, to help your education and provide you with certification. Fill the gaps in your education by taking advantage of these and equip yourself able to make the transition into Business Operations.
  • Intern or Volunteer
    Consider an Internship or any sort of volunteer opportunity that aligns towards building experience in Business Operations. While Internships are usually unpaid or low paying, they are still highly beneficial to helping you learn and provide good exposure. These kinds of voluntary work or internships will help you hone your skills and learn the demands of the job.
  • Make a Lateral move or Take a Step Back
    Target a role in your existing company or in a new company. This may be a lateral move or a step back, but it will surely unlock many doors for you. Moving down the ladder may prove to be a difficult decision. However, look at the long term rather than the short-term picture and make your choices keeping your end goal in focus.


Career Path in Business Operations

A career path in Business Operations depends on the Company and the industry you are in. This, in turn, is dependent on how the company grows and the investment opportunities available to it.

In a Business Operation career, there are generally two routes available. One is in a managerial role and the other is as a subject matter expert or SME. One could be a leader without actually being in leading people or being in any kind of manager role. To become a subject matter expert, you need to know exactly what key role you are aspiring for and then work at acquiring those specific skills through various processes, data, tools and technology. Growth typically happens through high-quality work and the expertise and value addition that you offer to your company.

If you aspire a Business Operations Manager Job, show that you and your team are willing to take on bigger responsibilities. Take on and successfully execute bigger responsibilities and expand the purview of your role. Anticipate growth and promote good and smart people working under you.



A career in Business Operations requires a balanced approach. Focus on your career choice and role therein, and then adopt various strategies and use analytical skills to bag the coveted role in operations and to hold onto it and grow therein.

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