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3 Tips To Help You Select A Business Operations Employer And Have A Successful Business Operations Manager Career

Any person aspiring for a Business Operations Manager Career will do well to select a good employer based on the track record and growth potential of the prospective Company, department or role. A critical assessment of the functioning of all departments and the attitude of the personnel of the Company will show its eligibility. Success in this career comes from commitment, constant learning and long hours of hard work.

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3 Tips to Selecting a Business Operations Employer 

  • Check the Credentials of the Company, Department and Role therein: Consider the Company, department and the role to select an ideal Business Operations employer. Look at the growth track record and the expected future growth of the Company. It is also advisable to look at the departmental growth figures to know if opportunity will arise in that particular department. It would be a very positive signal if the future growth looks prospective and the Company has the track record of converting contractors or other lower level employees to higher posts. 
  • Check Company Culture and Overall Departmental Functioning: Take a birds’ eye view of the functioning of all other departments will help. For example, if the sales department is not functioning well, this will impact other departments and the Company as a whole, while other companies are growing exponentially. The culture of the Company and the personnel therein will also give you a clue about the general outlook of the Company. 
  • Feel the Vibe of the Company and its Management: The people you meet during the interview process, from the recruiting Department and potentially, the Director or Vice President that you interview with, should give you a good vibe about working with them or for them. Explore if the Company invests in the personnel by sending them to conferences, gives intermittent internal training, sponsors higher education and pays for certification courses, etc. This will tremendously impact and help your personal growth and your personal learning opportunity. 

These are three of the primary things you look for from a personal, Company and job role perspective. The other typical things to look for are:

  • Health care benefits.
  • The salary structure with bonus and increment.
  • Chances of vertical growth, etc.


Tips for a Successful Business Operations Manager Career

Business Operations Manager Career requires a lot of input from aspiring candidates to become successful. The key things that will help you succeed in this role are:

  1. Commitment to the job: Even if you do not have a lot of past experience in that particular role, be committed to learning on the job. You can take the help of more experienced colleagues. You can also read books, articles and other research papers. Take the initiative to explore your role and its potential problems and look for solutions to these problems through the many resources available to you.
  2. Attend conferences: Go to conferences with the mindset to extract the best value out of the event. Bring back some value to the company or to your role, by the learning or tips you received at these conferences. 
  3. Take on additional hours: Remember that you are in a learning mode and as such are unable to accomplish much work as you are on a learning curve. Work extra hours as needed strike a good work-life balance. Close the learning gap with additional hours and hard work to earn success. 
  4. Ask thoughtful questions: Approach all meetings with a list of questions to clarify. Keep a log of all questions and try to categorize them. It will help when you meet your boss, peers or colleague. You could pull out your log and discuss the relevant questions and answers further. Sometimes, it helps to just jot down the questions and think about them yourself, at leisure, and try to find the answers on your own. Thoughtful questions impress people and lets them know what you are thinking about. So never be afraid to ask those questions. Some employers anticipate, expect and welcome questions and good questions always leave a good impression. 

Just as an employer looks for good employees, a job aspirant also looks for employers who will aid their potential growth and development on a personal and career level. It helps to have good assessment ability backed by facts and figures. Job success is sure to follow if relevant parameters are met.

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