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3 Key Skills Needed In A Investment Banking Intern | Challenges Involved In Investment Banking Jobs

An investing banking intern needs to be mentally prepared for team work, technical skills and networking are the three key skills for investment banker role. As investment banking intern, many aspirants have to face certain challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and understanding the group dynamics. To apply for investment banking internship at the Citigroup, one can go online, open a search engine like Google and simply search for Citigroup Investment Banking.

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Investment banking is a job profile that requires certain key skills. As an intern, one gets the opportunity to learn and adapt these skills as much as they can. If you are searching for the three most essential skills required for a prolific career in investment banking, read on. The investment banking skills are explained with easy examples so that you get a better understanding of the responsibilities associated with this profile as well.

  1. Being Mentally Prepared
    This skill is very important in investment banking as the profile requires individuals who are extremely focused upon maintaining their work schedule. One needs to be open to working in a team and that too for quite long hours. Though this practice becomes a little edgy for some people, they have to be on a constant smile during the work hour. A charming personality with a positive attitude towards teamwork, team leading or team management is the first skill that one needs to develop as an investment banking intern. Besides, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and one needs to prepare their physical and mental health for the long working hour by eating and sleeping properly.
  2. Technical Skills
    Like most of the other profiles, investment banking requires good technical knowledge related to the profile.  Besides being proficient with excel and powerpoint to get the accounting down, one needs to understand valuation. In investment banking, the person has to support the analyst who expects at least some basic knowledge and understanding of accounting and valuation. These are the technical skills that experts recommend every intern to develop at the stage of an internship.
  3. Networking
    The last of the three investment banking skills is networking. It is really important to be prepared to talk to people when someone aspires for a successful career in investment banking. Networking within the team is equally important as talking to people outside the team. As an intern, it is essential to show one’s interest to work as a full-time employee for the company. This makes the team and the company satisfied with the individuals and they finally recruit them for the profile.
  4. Challenges Involved in Investment Banking Role
    It is evident that a profile like investment banking requires a responsible professional, indicating that there would be many challenges associated with this profile. The first challenge that one needs to overcome is to neglect mental and physical health hazards. Starting from going to bed on time and sleeping well, one needs to eat healthily and be prepared to work for long hours. Drinking more water and reducing beverages like coffee is to be checked if someone notices excessive weakness or insomnia. Apart from this self-assessment, the most common challenge that people have to face is while understanding the group dynamic within the work space at the beginning. Having patience at times is appreciated if someone is unable to analyze her/is position as a part of the group dynamic at the very beginning. Usually, this assessment is easier in commercial banking whereas it may be very difficult in investment banking. As investment banking intern, some people have to face difficulties such as dealing on how they are going to get the work done without annoying or disturbing the analyst or trying to pace up according to the analyst’s guidance. These difficulties can be easily overcome when someone is really good at networking.
  5. Applying to Investment Banking Internship at the Citigroup
    While applying at Citigroup for investment banking internship, one can go online and search for the profile in search engines like Google and the website will appear first. Finding the description of investment banking internship from the Citigroup website seems difficult for some people and therefore, it is suggested that one can instead type ‘Citigroup Investment Banking’ and search for the same. This will provide the user with the most appropriate links, leading her/him to Citigroup website’s Investment Banking description page. Presently, Citigroup has enrolled interns in December and is going to reopen to enroll another batch in 2020. Hence, one needs to have eyes upon the notifications on the website. Searching from Google would be the best way to apply for the Investment Banking Internship at the Citigroup.

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