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How to Land Investment Banking Internship With Jonathan Carvalho Pruna

Jonathan Carvalho Pruna shares his work experiences in land investment banking that are important for any aspirant in the same profile. After completing his study from Florida International University in finance and international business, he joined the Citigroup as an investment banking intern. After completing four internships, he is yet to begin the fifth one. He shares job finding strategies, resume preparation, key skills for the profile with simple examples for the beginners.

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As a specific profile in investment banking, land investment banking is a reputed role that many aspirants look forward to. Before getting into the work environment, it is important that all the investment banking aspirants are aware of some wonderful experiences shared by the stalwarts. In a conversation with the land investment banker Jonathan Carvalho Pruna, he shares his work experiences with us. Read on to know about every detail of land investment banking from none other than Jonathan Carvalho Pruna.


Building Career

Jonathan Carvalho Pruna joined Florida International University as fresher studying finance and international business. He studied economics in early year and was involved with different clubs that led to multiple internships including commercial banking, consumer retail and health care to name a few. He got the opportunity to experience these multiple aspects of investment banking until he joined the Citigroup as an intern. Experiencing four internships made him well aware of the responsibilities of investment banking analyst jobs to the core. He is about to complete his fifth internship that is related to financial services.


Journey to Land Investment Banking

With the first internship with Wall Street Research, Jonathan Carvalho Pruna got a thorough understanding of the market and finance in different career paths. Later, he moved to GM cheese securities (a boutique investment bank specialized in real estate) in Miami, which he considers as his first experience to a full-time regular job in investment banking. This work experience made him aware of all the responsibilities of investment banking. At this point in time, he worked upon networking with known people and some experts based upon his experience in commercial banking. He was ready to go for an interview where he would be confidently sharing his own view about the profile.


Investment Banking Internship Skills

Internship in any job profile requires multiple skills and investment banking internship is no exception. Preparing himself for the long working hour, technical skills and networking helped him to grow as an intern in investment banking. The knowledge of different groups with the different project working under the same wing gave him the idea to explore the team responsibilities. As he has worked with a team that was split between the west and east coast, he shares some knowledge upon the same that the west coast focuses more on hardware and a lot of the space in software whereas the east coast focuses more upon the InfoTech software and the other components related to technology. The main responsibility of the investment banking intern is to support the analyst. Starting from working upon the excel sheets or any type of PowerPoint deck creation to reviewing accounting documents, an intern must be proficient with whatever work s/he is assigned.


Strategy to Find Investment Banking Internship

The two main aspects of investment banking are advisory and capital-raising. Understanding different types of credit practicalities, the situations of attaining debt and using that for different strategic initiatives gave him an idea of investment banking. To find an investment banking internship or job, one needs to find out first the specific domain they want to work in. They can either search online for a job opening or can use networking as the method. Creating an excel sheet with the name and contact of the known people from the same background and contacting them can help a fresher to find jobs easily. Joining business clubs and taking advises from the alumni have helped Jonathan Carvalho Pruna in finding his desired job.


The Topics to Prepare for Investment Banking Interview

While going for the interview, one needs to be prepared and updated about the subject. Firstly, they need to understand the company domain well. Secondly, technical knowledge in excel, power point, valuation, accounting is important. Thirdly, knowing one’s resume by remembering all the experiences and being able to talk about them precisely is appreciated. Finally, one needs to be updated with the knowledge of the current M&A landscape.


Three Skills for Investment Banking

One needs to be mentally prepared first to work in a team and that too for long hours. Technical knowledge is the second skill where the intern needs to be proficient with excel and powerpoint so that they can get accounting done correctly. Networking is the third skill that would help the intern to understand the group dynamics. If these skills are properly balanced, the chances of being recruited by the same company for full-time investment banking analyst jobs are higher.

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