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QA Engineer Career Path

Career paths are endless as for the QA engineer Job. They perform different roles and gain relevant experiences and exposure, making decisions, handling product project management,working with the developers, they can also perform any role working with different departments in a firm.

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The career paths are endless if you aspire to go for a QA engineer career. Quality assurance engineer creates tests to check for any problem with the software before the product is actually launched in the market.

Product project management is one of the fields where you can invest your time, because as a QA engineer here you have to perform different roles. And this is how you gain exposure and gather experience which is extremely handy for future assignments. Primarily, identifying and analyzing bugs found during testing and documenting them is one of the key features of a QA engineer. Apart from this, paying attention to minor details, coaching the team on managing testing tools, reporting results, motivating process improvement are the other area where a QA engineer have to spend time on. Everyday work is like developing new tests and documenting results, and in case of a defect, QA engineers collaborate with software developers to find a fix and patch the program. And after patching the defect, tests would be conducted again to make sure the product is full-proof. Sometimes you may have to take decisions if there's no project manager available and you will be working very closely with the developers. Even if you start working on automation, you're going to have a lot more information which would enable you in the project management and the product management. Many people who are into front-end tasks or app development, may end up in infrastructure and database engineering. So the door is always open for opportunities, only you have to grab them at the right time in order to make a stride in your career. There is a vast scope to get into an engineering or a technical role because working with everyone so closely you get acclimatized to any kind of roles in the firm. And this QA engineer is one of those rare roles that actually does work with many different positions in the company.

To become a QA engineer you need to have your fundamental concepts clear, and be proficient in the programming languages.

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