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Role of a QA Engineer

If you want to qualify for QA Engineer job requirements , you need to make sure that you can think of the particular aspects that can make the feature a success. Moreover, a QA Engineer also needs to wear multiple hats in an organization.

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QA Engineer job description does not only includes a person who is into testing of a feature or a product they are working on but is someone who advocates the quality of the product they are working on. There are many potential candidates who actually get confused regarding the responsibilities bestowed on the QA Engineer. However, the role of a QA Engineer is different from other kinds of Engineers and you need to have some clarity over the job description before starting in the field.

First of all, it is not the QA engineer's job to tell his or her team whether a particular feature is working according to the specifications of the project or not. The feature should already work as per the specifications given before reaching the QA Engineer. The QA Engineer is not responsible for judging the correctness of the said feature.

On the other hand, as a QA Engineer, you should actually think of those particular edge cases that were not thought of before the starting of the project. This would definitely lead to making sure that the project attains success and there are no flaws.

Moreover, the QA Engineer job description also requires him to put himself into the user's shoes and to understand what he wants from a particular feature. For example, what type of browser they are using or how are they accessing a particular feature. Moreover, a QA Engineer also needs to take care of the usability and accessibility of the said feature to some extent.

In addition, as a QA Engineer you may be required to wear multiple hats in the organization. On one hand, you may be required to work with product and project managers, designers, and developers to have a clear understanding of what the project is. On the other, you may have to create those test cases accordingly to make sure the feature works fine. You may also have to collect and consider all the feedback given and ask many questions to improve the quality of a feature. You need to ask these questions so that you can improve the quality of the feature required and make it flawless for use.

In conclusion, the QA Engineer job description requires him to take care of the things that would make a feature successful for usage and to look for aspects that can increase its accessibility.

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