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Typical Day Of A Operations Strategy and Analytics Manager | Fun Aspect And Challenges Of The Job

Today Analytics is the most popular word for Business. Analytics for Strategies is the key to the business in any organization. The speaker in the video is an Operation Strategy Manager and Analytics manager in Google and joined Google years back in 2008 as a business analyst. He describes, in brief, his educational background and his career path as an Operation Strategy and Analytics Manager. He shares his 1st experience in the Corporate World in a startup company in the Bay Area. He was there for two years and then moved to Finance role in Google despite his Engineering Background. He shares his experiences and loopholes in Google as he switched to Operations currently after eight long years in Google's Corporate Finance.

Others Vaibhav Jain Operations Strategy And Analyst Manager

The speaker in the video is an operations Strategy and Analytics manager at Google. He leads a small team of Data Analytics rather Customer Support Analytics. To give a clear picture of a day of an operational strategy and analytics manager, he starts with the view of how his team Current Consumer Operations comes under Google's umbrella.

How Current Consumer Operations comes under Google's umbrella

Back in the days, the Speaker Vaibhav Jain joined Google; that time Google was not as big as today. The Strength of Google was also like a small organization and not structured in Business Units. It had Functions like Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Product, etc. After 4years Larry Page joined Google and takes the new initiatives. He structures it in Business Unit Level. Google is manufacturing rich portfolio hardware devices like Google home, pixel phone, etc. Within Consumer Hardware there are multiple functions. Customer Care is one of the features. When customers buy a device, they have queries, expectations, and feedback.

Moreover, customers can have some technical issues like warranty, product related issues like product defects, etc. Then customers reach out to the Consumer Operation Team which is the bridge of Product team and Consumer. The speaker team worked in Analytics and Strategy of Customer Care.

How The Consumer Operation Team works

As he mentioned, Consumer Operation Team is the bridge of the product team and customer. His team analyzes below-mentioned things:

  • Measure how effectively Google is providing the customer care
  • Measure the success of customer care by two key points – quality and efficiency

Quality of Customer care Operation measure by how happy the customers are when they reach out to the team. Secondly how efficiently they handle the large volume of customer requests. The analytics team helps in measuring and building the infrastructure.

What is The Consumer Operation Team's Day to Day Work

Consumer Operation Team builds the most dynamic infrastructure. They Need to keep them updated all the time for which data engineering skill, analytical skill. Then it comes the picture of Analytical Insight. Google is a data-driven company. They handle this large volume of data. Capture the data, analyze it and make Insight. And those help the business team and overall business of the organization.

Fun Aspect and Challenging Part of the Job

The speaker in the video briefs the audiences about the challenges he faces in Google. As Google is a highly complex ecosystem with lots of tools and technologies, the vast number of data and stacks, problem-solving is the central aspect and fun to do so. He defines customer operation role as product management within the Analytics. He mentions a few challenges like

  • Problem-solving
  • Connects the dots,
  • Work with cross-functional team and
  • Onboard all the groups together

3-4 Challenges Faced by Operations Strategy and Analytics Manager

An operations strategy and analytics manager is a critical part of a product management team as well as core Analytics team. Google is new to Consumer hardware devices where Amazon, Apple, and many other giants already have their core business in this field. Google has mainly internet, software services business. Its new space for Google so on the stop decision changing for business creates a significant impact on Customer support analytics team. The Customer support analytics team goes on to keep adjusting with all the real-time changes like restructuring in the organizations, as new technologies come up like there are complete changes in the business strategy. The tools and technologies stack is very fragmented, so it is also a big challenge. As a customer can approach from chat like WhatsApp messenger like Facebook, Twitter so technologically it is fragmented and challenging too.

Google has 14- 15 different teams and working with all those teams together, and on board, the final data is always a challenge. Lastly below are the critical problems of Customer Strategy Analytics manager:

  • Volatility
  • Change in Strategy
  • On the stop decision making
  • Adjusting in real-time changes
  • Cross-functional teamwork

The speaker in the video, Vaibhav Jain also mentions about the most exciting part of his job as an operations strategy and analytics manager. He states that the freedom to create the appropriate frame in which one would like to work is what makes the situation quite amusing.

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