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Most Interesting Project as a Full Stack Developer

The most interesting project as a full stack developer was of the at&t’s on Direct Tv now. The project had its own cord cutters which needed a major innovation in terms of technology. The more challenging and interesting opportunities to make it go over cellular and on internet platforms made it the most interesting full stack developing the project by now.

Software Engineering Steve Tucker Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is the engineer who can handle up all the work on the servers, databases, clients and systems engineering. It merely depends on the project type they work on, like what the customers may need! It can be a mobile stack, a native application stack or a web stack. Well if we talk in more on the most interesting and challenging projects a full stack developed might have done by now would be of AT&T’s for direct tv now.

What made the AT&T’s on DirectTV more challenging and groundbreaking for the full stack developer was on focusing on major innovations as far as no using the satellite image anymore! The project was focused on skipping the satellite and to go over the internet as well as on the cellular based platforms. Though, one more challenging thing the full stack developer’s had to face was on the marketing challenges. As, far as the digital transformation is concerned the AT&T’s project had covered all the aspects related to the product management, marketing management and a full stack developed which had made the project come into a success.

About The Project

  • With the emergence of new technology, the DirectTV now has entered itself in the increasingly corded market which has steam lied services, where one can completely go out from their satellite tv’s to internet and also to the cellular based platforms.
  • In order to lure customer’s, the full stack developers as also focused on various selling points like the user experience, channel line ups, cross-platform support, tiered pricing, latest streams and also many other consumers friendly related features.
  • Some of the major features also included like recording the steamed Tv shows over the apps.

The AT&T’s was defiantly one of the most emerging and an interesting project has done lately by the full stack developers, yet the project successfully got finished by keeping in mind of user satisfaction and market changes.

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