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Full-stack Developer V.S. Software Engineer

In this video, Steve Tucker offers some insights to the ongoing debate over the differences between full-stack developer and software engineer.

Software Engineering Steve Tucker Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developer and software engineer may seem like titles for two completely different positions. However, there are few differences between their job descriptions. The human resources department creates these titles for the convenience of the company. 

Some companies decided to be more creative with the job titles to make them seem more interesting. It can be seen as an effort for companies to stand apart from the wave of similarities. If you are seeking the differences between these two titles, chances are that you will find answers that are similar to each other in many ways. 

Nevertheless, Tucker still encourages job seekers to ask companies questions. These questions should emphasize more on the job description corresponding to the title instead of the differences between those titles. There is a huge possibility that companies are not using the most appropriate titles for certain jobs when they are looking for candidates. Some companies use certain job titles that are more appropriate for their culture, even when they are not the best to describe the job. Therefore, applicants should always ask questions to get a clearer picture of the expectation for the job title.   

Even though full-stack developers and software engineers may have very similar responsibilities at many companies, there are still some that will distinguish the two. These companies follow the current trend of the market. However, in reality, it is difficult to draw a clear line between full-stack developers and software engineers purely based on their job descriptions.

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