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Mantra To Become a Successful Software Engineer

Doreen Hakimi discussed some must-have skills for future software engineers. Hakimi dives into the daily work of a software engineer and shares some tips for those who are just entering the workforce.

Software Engineering Doreen Hakimi Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineering is an exciting field full of challenges and an amazing career for those who enjoy problem-solving. There are some very interesting aspects to this job that are rarely known to most people. 


First of all, problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment are the two must-have abilities to succeed as a software engineer. For example, if there is a production bug at the office, the software engineer needs to be as patient and composed as possible to solve the issue effectively. 


Second, always keep up with the latest trends in the technology industry. Technology is literally evolving every second of every day. To stay on top of their game, software engineers need to stay informed and be aware of what is in demand in the industry. 


Third, stay curious. Successful software engineers have strong curiosities as there is always something new to learn and better ways to solve day to day problems. Always be on a learning spree and be prepared for the challenges that may come along in daily practice. 


Last but not least, find an experienced mentor. A mentor who is experienced as a software engineer will help tremendously during the transition as a recent graduate entering the workforce. Since moving to the software engineering field requires a high learning curve, a mentor’s support is definitely much needed. 


Stay curious, keep learning, and with some help from the mentor, becoming a software engineer could be the best decision in one’s life.

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