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How to Find Software Engineering Internship? | 3 Tips For A Good Software Engineering Resume

Aspiring engineers need to build an effective software engineering resume as it is essential to write short & precise information’s as it will give a good impression of your work. In-order to bag a good software intern job it is recommended to look at the career fairs in university and to get referrals rather than applying to online forms. It is also recommended that one must be well prepared with the major subjects on software engineering before going to the interview for an intern job role.

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There is no doubt that internships are a shortcut for a student to develop a future employment. Students with internships on their resume always have a top-notch chance to land on a full time position in a huge company. Well, over a few years, many students have been struggling out to find good engineering internships as they lack in way of getting one and due to lack of professional guidance and experience as well. Below we are listing a few quick tips that one could consider to bag a good internship job.


Tip 1: Prepare For Career Fairs In University:

Career fairs are one of the most important aspects to look at to get a good internship job. As, it is one of the best ways to show your resume as it has value and potential to get selected compared with applying to online applications. A student also gets an opportunity to meet different networks and companies at just one place which is far better than applying online.

The essential tip to preparing for career fairs in university is that a student must show up. Once can do extra efforts and put their extra time to attend a career fir. While, one can also list down the companies and people they really want to talk to and can also do a bit research about them beforehand.


Tip 2: Ask For Referrals

A lot of students faces the problem that while applying for software engineer intern jobs they don’t even get a change to reach till the interview phase. Usually many students apply for software engineering jobs through online forms and they wait forever.

Well, the golden rule to get a good internship is by asking for referrals. Referrals are one of the most effective approaches a student can ask for while applying in a company. As, when someone refers of you directly to the company itself, your information will get noticeable and will be reviewed by the HR immediately. Not only the application will be reverted back with a reply soon, but a student is more likely to get interview opportunities and even a job in hand.


3 Tips For A Good Software Engineering Resume

Resume is quite important as it is the one way through which a company goes through the overall work profile of applicant’s. So, building a good software engineering resume is a must as it will eventually show your interest in a company’s internship programs and how you can be a good candidate for their offered internship role. Here are the three major tips that a resume must have:

  • Be specific & clean: One of the most important aspects to build a good resume is to be specific on what you have done in technology and be straight to the point. One must always make sure to make it clean and short yet attractive so that the company you are willing to apply to can read your resume in just one look. A clean & straightforward resume always have a good chance to be one of the tops of list in companies application.
  • Focus on tech: While applying for a position as a software engineer one must be much focused on the area you are applying. For example, if you are applying for web development you must put your experience, skills and technical knowledge in web development. As it will get the companies to see how you can bring a positive impact in their organization.
  • Review your resume: It is rightly said that first resume is never the best one. So, always have a person to review it on your behalf so that you can edit it before giving it to a company.


5 Subjects To Focus On Get Prepared For Software Engineering Internship Interviews

The Top 5 subjects to focus and to be well prepared to land on a software engineer intern jobs are as follows:

  • Graphs: Knowing the right algorithms and how to make graphs according to algorithms is very important as must one know how to solve it quickly during the interview.
  • Coding: Coding is another important aspects as a company can ask to code a program, and one must be well prepared on how to do it.
  • Mathematics: In computer science interview, mathematics is also one of the most important topics a student must be prepared for by knowing all the variables and equations to solve an engineering scenario.
  • Short distance algorithms: A student must be well prepared with dexterous in short distance algorithms because a company is more likely to ask you the question related to it.
  • Data structure: A person must know to links in algorithms, the trees of coding to sort the algorithms in data structures.

Above, is the brief description and essential tips on how one can land to a software engineer intern jobs by enhancing the software engineering resume and by focusing on the major subjects during the interview.




Job Search strategy For Software Engineering intern jobs

Everybody has a goal to work in certain companies, but to get Software Engineering intern jobs one has to go beyond that. 

  • Preparing for Interviews: The most important thing to prepare for getting Software Engineering internship jobs are the interviews. It's hard enough to get through the interview right way because you have to stand out to the recruiter. But once you get the interview, you have to be prepared continuously to nail the interview. 
  • Prior Research: Once you get the interview, there's no time between you hearing about it and actually having time to prepare for the interview. So it is best to start your research earlier. You can start the research process around September or before that maybe at the beginning of July or August.
  • Prepare for Technical Interview: You would want to prepare for a technical interview earlier because there are many contents to cover. Software Engineer jobs interviews flourish over the summer. During that period you will be very busy. It will be difficult to prepare for the interview constantly, but you should spend the time beforehand for the preparation process.
  • Hone Your Technical Skills: Even during the interview process like during the months in which you're interviewing, you should hone your interview skills to keep them sharp along with the technical abilities. So, if in a moment's notice, you do get an interview, it'll be very easy for you to go through the interview. You won't be scrambling to prepare for it. 

At the end of the day what really matters is if you can perform in the technical interview — just keep your interview skills sharpened while you do get an interview.


What To Highlight On Your Software ENgineering Internship Resume

Two most important sections are i) Experience as in work experience and then ii) Projects. Those need to be right in the middle of your Software Engineer resume for the recruiter to see. 

  1. Experience: Your experience section should be in bolded. Within each of those, it's really important to discuss the actual value you have created with those projects. For example, you worked on a project with some company. You want to describe it as statistically possible or the actual measurable effect you had on the company. If you have made something 50% faster then use as many verbs as you can like- I created this project. I manage this team, or I renovated. Describe as thoroughly with verbs and quantitative information about your actions at the company. 
    • Use Bullet Points: For each work experience, you have two to three bullet points, and you may want to describe two to three months of your life in those two to three bullet points. So having the quantitative effect gives the recruiter a concise way to focus on what you did. 
  2. Project: You are not going to be describing how you affected the company, but you should be able to describe the skills that you developed and the skills that you can now apply at a job. It can be coding languages, GitHub or frameworks like TensorFlow or something. In general machine learning skills are also essential for projects. Whatever it is, just being able to describe what you have learned and how you actually applied those skills on the project is important.
    • Refrain from Giving Vague Description: Many of Software Engineer resume, people put vague descriptions of what they did, but frankly, that doesn't give any effect to stand out from the rest of the candidates. It's much more important to say you have built this website using these languages; you overcame these problems; this way I fixed the issues. You should be including whatever you did technically, describe that as specific as possible. Then include what you have learned and will be able to apply in the future. 
    • Being Concise: Being concise is the most important aspect of a good resume. Use good action verbs, a quantitative language in the resume to land Software Engineering internship jobs. Describe what you learned during the course of time and what skills you will be able to apply later in various projects.

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