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Meet Mohamed Mente | Know About His Journey To Land Software Engineering Internship At Google

The speaker, Mohamed Mente tells about his journey on being a professional software engineer and the way he got a software engineering internship in Google. With his interest in computer science and professional experience, he developed tons of android apps to explore his career in software engineering. He also applied in many software intern jobs in huge companies where he got rejected. It was with his hard work and right set of mind to move his career he ended up as a software intern in Google.

Software Engineering Mohamed Mnete Software Engineering Intern

The quote is truly said that one must never stop fighting until they reach the goal. In this video, the story of a Mohamed mente has been narrated who likes researching and coding since middle school, and over the years he explored himself on his interest to know where he wanted to make his career in which field.

Mohamed mente always dreamed in working with big companies like Google and with sheer dedication, time and with his professional experience he got the software engineering internship in Google.

From becoming an intern in startup firms to becoming a summer employee at google, his journey has been absolutely an inspiring one. Also, his journey narrates how one can create their engineering career by getting hired with big companies like Google. In this video, he shares his experience and journey in becoming a software engineer as well as on how he got an engineering intern jobs at google.


From Where Did He Complete His Graduation?

Mohamed Mente completed his computer science degree at Trinity University in San Antonio texas. At present he is continuing his computer science courses in Dublin in a university called from the name of University College Dublin.


What Was His Professional Background Before Getting The Internship Offers?

During his graduation period, Mohamed Mente didn’t know in which way he is going to take his career. Eventually, form the very start of his first year, He always had a keen interest in learning computer science, but what led him back was he didn’t know how would be executed his interest in practical form and how he could bag a good job with his interest in computer science.

He eventually started his way by getting advice from seniors in college. By the end of the first year, he was able to land himself with a software engineering internship through university.


How Did He Get His First Internship Job?

The key of getting engineering internship through university are by:

  • Getting good grades
  • Having good impersonal communication with professors
  • Having convincing powers and research skills


From Internship To Becoming An Employee, The More About His Journey

During his internship programs, Mohamed Mente gave a keen priority to his learning, and interest as during his internship he develop software like apps for android, website and music players to explore himself more on what does he want from his career. He also made himself landed a job in his own university where he had to redesign his own university’s website which was off course during his off classes.

With his hard work and a passionate interest in computer science he made an appealing resume through which he was able to go up for startups and even to work with big organizations.

During his second year, he ended up working with startups, even through the applied in huge companies like Visa, google and Facebook where he got rejected. Even if he landed through a startup firm for an internship job, he learned a lot.


How He Prepared Himself To Get A Job At Google?

Even after the rejections from huge companies like Google, visa and even Facebook, He made himself hard enough in one task of programming. As per the expert it is said that on must succeed in one thing as a best in it. The same goes with computer science career. Getting really good in just one programming language is a key factor to land your dream job. Also, practicing and interviewing regularly with real people online can make you better by getting new question to solve from different minds that will make you know where you are lacking. Apart, of his failures during the starting journey, with his handwork and excelling himself in one programming language he made into the engineering intern jobs at google.

The expert also suggests on being ambitious, passionate and dedicated to the goal and should always try to maintain the going of career to land in a good software intern job at a huge company.


What Is A Typical Day Of Software Engineer?

A typical day of software engineer all depends on the size of the company. If compared with a startup company there is less structure of work, as if a person is not much into the work or the other person is doing his/her work then eventually the person will be responsible for the other person.

In huge companies, the structure of working is wide so a person needs to be in a project for a long time and there would be less time intervals of time on port to another project and eventually the person will know what has to be done on the project.

According to Mohamed, one on one meeting is really important that must have on every day basis in software by associating with the managers. As discussing with managers on feedback of work and to tell what is going on in the organization will create a value and will lead you into a better working atmosphere.


What Is The Fun Aspect In Internships?

The fun aspect in software engineering internship is to meet the new and amazing people and also making an impact on the environment. As, it is very important to choose a company that you really relate to is very important. One must always choose a company according to their working interest as it will take the person into a joyful and fun phase of working life.


How To Stand Out In Software Engineering Internship Interview

During interviews recruiters probably come across 500 students, so the probability of cracking Software engineering internship is very low unless there is something special about you and your resume. If you say generic things like others, it will be hard for recruiters to keep you in mind among the massive pool of candidates. 

  • Quick Introduction
  • Jump into Project You have Worked On
  • Skills Applied
  • Teamwork


Typical Day Of A Software Engineer

A typical day of Software Engineers is different team to team and company to company. But in general, there is a typical schedule for a Software Intern. 

  • Have Agile Standup meeting: Discuss what you have worked on, what needs to be done and current progress of your work with the Manager and the team. 
  • Work on Features When you are doing Engineering internships, you get help from the full-time employees and Manager during the period of working on various features of a project.


Job Search Strategy For Software Engineer Intern

For an aspiring Software Engineer Intern, it is best to prepare beforehand for the upcoming interview calls. Strategies that can be beneficial for him/her-

  • Prior Preparation for Interview
  • Thorough Research Beforehand
  • Preparing for Technical Interview
  • Sharpening Technical Skills


Points To Highlight On Your Software ENgineering Internship Resume


  • Experience
    • Highlight the Section with Bold Words
    • Smart Use of Bullet Points
  • Project
    • For the Project Section, Stay Away From Giving Any Vague Description.
    • Be Very Concise.


Topics To Focus On For Software Engineering Internship Interview

  • Algorithm Course: Lots of Universities like Michigan Universities provide such data structure algorithm courses. It will help you to better your interview also as it covers everything required to land you a Software Engineer career.
  • Array Manipulation: Every interview you are going to give will ask questions related to array manipulation. Being able to answer these questions is essential.
  • String Manipulation: Here you have to create valid senses from jumbled-up information or classic added distance questions between strings.
  • Know Graph: Graphs are crucial. Binary trees, use of recursion, breadth-first search, etc. can be part of your interview questions that you have to solve.
  • Pointer Questions: You will be asked about pointers based on your preferred programming language.
  • Dynamic Programming: Prepare to answer questions related to dynamic programming, so that it doesn’t throw you off from the position of a potential candidate.


Interview Format For Software Engineering Intern Roles

The question format depends a lot on the company. Interview for full-time Software Engineers at Google will require a full day of on-site interviews. But for a Software Engineer Intern, there will be a coding challenge first. Two-three phone interviews will follow it. 

Palantir Technologies is an exception. There the interview format can consist of behavioral interview, technical interview, on-site day and after that another on-site day. 

  • More Technical Question than Behavioral
  • Behavioral Questions to Break the Ice
  • For Technical Questions, Through Phone Interview, Some Softcopy will be Send
  • Project Your Thought Process to the Interviewer Instead of Being Awkwardly Silent
  • Practice Technical Questions Beforehand to Come to a Recognizable Solution
  • Questions Can be Completed During the Time-Period
  • Talk Through a Proposed Solution
  • Discuss with Your Interviewer
  • Start Writing Your Codes After That


Resources And Books For Software Engineering Internship Interview

  • Cracking the Coding Interview: It is essential to know how to use this book. This book is a gem for candidates who are preparing for an interview with Software Engineer Intern jobs. 
  • YouTube Channels: Some YouTube channels can be of great help for you, like CS Dojo, Byte by Byte. These channels have solutions for interview questions that can be very helpful for earning Software Intern jobs.
  • LeetCode: This website has a series of problems to solve along with provision for a mock interview.

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