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Interview Format of Software Engineering Position

Software engineer interview questions have behavioral sections; technical behaviors are concerned with technical concepts, problem solving, running code and a wide array of topics like trees, linked list and other topics based on books and websites.

Software Engineering Doreen Hakimi Senior Software Engineer

You should be well prepared for the interview process if you are applying for the post of a software engineer, especially if it is for a reputed company because the bar set is usually high. For a software engineer interview, there are usually some guidelines that you should follow to be successful. The topics have been discussed below.

Typically, every interview has a behavioural section followed by a technical behavioural concerning how well the applicant is prepared and his or her problem-solving ability. Codes might or might not be asked during the interview, and if asked, the interviewer generally checks whether the program written has less or more complexity and how compatible it is. A range of questions might be asked, for instance, implementation of reversing a linked list or writing a recursive function of Fibonacci numbers etc. To be able to perform well, usually two books need to be followed thoroughly, and most of the questions are primarily based on the topics discussed in these books. Also, there are websites like Career Capcom that are incredibly beneficial for the preparation of an interview. There are forums where topics have been discussed in details and would help you to crack coding interviews. Before appearing for an interview, a wide range of topics need to be studied, especially data structures. Topics like are trees, linked list, search, the linear and binary search should be given more focus. Writing a code only is insufficient; the code needs to be efficient and have less complexity and should be more compatible. To be able to provide a solution to a particular problem being presented is also an essential part of the interview. And you are confident about a topic if you are well aware of the subject and have in-depth knowledge on it. Also, most interviewers check the nerves of the candidate and test them accordingly. But, if you have studied those two books adequately, it should be enough to get you through the interview process.

Being well prepared before an interview is always wise and the above-mentioned tips should be helpful.

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