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Applying as a Full-Stack Developer: All you need to know

This video gives an overview on the full-stack developer’s career. Our guest speaker first introduces different compartments of a full-stack developer’s life. Then, he lists some of the must-have skills to succeed in this field. At the end of this video, he also gives some advice on how to conduct your job search more effectively.

Software Engineering Steve Tucker Full Stack Developer

Steve Tucker describes his approach to entering the career as a full-stack developer and breaks down his method to determining one’s entry point into the industry.

In Tucker’s experience, a full-stack developer tends to work as one of these two positions, or as a hybrid of both. A full-stack developer’s duties can range from project manager on a software development team to educating other team members on developing their own software, as per the needs of the company.

An applicant proficient in HTML, CSS, or PHP may explore front-end development, primarily for the interactive aspect of a given website. The role of a front-end developer centers primarily on the user’s website experience. Alternatively, those more inclined to dealing with databases and data-driven aspects of website development and maintenance may choose to seek back-end development. Functionally, a back-end developer focuses on building the foundations and underlying technologies essential to creating and supporting a complete website.

Full-stack developers are “Jack-Of-All-Trades,” but those applying as full-stack developers should concentrate on their immediate proficiencies, and branch out to other areas of expertise as their career advances.

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