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Meet Steve Tucker

For individual Training connect with Steve Tucker, a full stack developer at Digital Cowboy LLC. Get your career insights straight away from him. Connect with him today for one-on-one training sessions!

Software Engineering Steve Tucker Full Stack Developer

Steve Tucker is a Full Stack Developer at Digital Cowboy LLC. He inspires people who see themselves in this field. Let us share some career insights by Steve Tucker. Tucker had a veteran career and worked a lot in marketing for technology companies. He is an expert in marketing techniques. Tucker worked as a product manager as well. For the past ten years, Tucker has been wholeheartedly working as a full-stack developer. Tucker believes that what matters is you, how you think about your career, and what you want it to be. Nobody can shape it better than you. He worked with many multinational companies such as Apple, Atari, At&T and even launched DirecTV. While his experience is mostly in project management, product management, and marketing but now he is focused as a full-stack developer. He is self-taught. He feels that it is as good as a degree in many cases. Tucker received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from Clemson University and completed his MBA from UNC Charlotte. Excelled in his internship, he joined Apple as an official employee after his graduate program. 

Connect with Tucker today for individual training sessions to learn and to expand your network! Tucker is the ideal counselor and mentor for anyone who is interested in the technology industry.

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