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3 Skills For Business Development Manager Job | 4 Challenges A Business Development Manager Faces

The speaker tries to depict a few of the essential skills that an individual especially a Business Development Manager should possess while dealing with its customers. The three essential skills include mainly to have empathy towards others, second to be a good listener and facilitator and thirdly, an individual should be good at maintaining relationships. The second area of discussion is the challenges that a manager faces in an organization. It sums up to three significant factors that are the manager should learn when to say a "no" secondly learn to collect information about the organization that they have missed and thirdly to understand their organization entirely inside out.

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The presentation discusses in detail as per the speaker that what are the skills essential for the role of Business Development Managers as well as what consequence an individual face while executing the role as a Business Development Manager. 


The necessary skills required for the role of Business Development Manager

There is no specific or particular skill needed for the purpose of the Business Development Manager. But according to the speaker, an individual can understand the role of Business Development Manager more and in an understandable way when they put themselves in the shoes of others that is the customers or the partner to understand their perspectives in a better way. Empathy can teach an individual what brings them up to your table and how they see things; only then one can understand their perspectives.

The second skill that is required is to be a good communicator because situations might come up when an individual is in between a lot of people and that individual is tensed and surrounded with problems where one needs to understand the circumstances. The issues that are there cannot be simplified, but if an individual thinks peacefully, then a more straightforward solution can be grasped. The speaker discussed dealing with the public is like a public speaking where an individual speaks and try to explain to them the basic framework that helps the customers understand what the manager gives possible solutions. The speaker claims to how an individual can be in the customer shoes and help them find possible answers to their problems and be calm while communicating.

The third one is relationship oriented. The speaker tries to explain that the world is tiny and the people whom an individual meet one day and thinks not to meet again will turn up to the same person for some or the other thing. For instance, like "hey we were working together in xyz company" or " can you pass on my resume" and other different things. According to the speaker, it is necessary to gather the connections and build networks that can come in support of the individual shortly. For example, if an individual needs help in any particular job and the individual knows that person, and he is one of his friends, then the person can refer the stranger as to "hey! You can talk to my friend about this matter. And this is how an individual can contribute to the relationship.


Challenges an individual faces as a Business Development Manager:

According to the speaker, people are always fantasied about how an event occurred. If the event was good enough how did it happen? What were the resources used and how much money was invested etc. is the prime concern of the others. It is essential as a part of prioritization and understanding as to what to do and what not to do. If I do it am I going to meet my needs or not. So the first point is to learn when to say a "no."

The second challenge is how an individual seeks to manage the organization inside out. That is talking to customers where an individual can argue over some aspects or any part of the job, so it is essential that an individual meet the demands and needs of the manager and the customers respectively. An individual should understand the stakeholders' internal rights and the individual needs to be present everywhere to satisfy the organization. Situations might arise when the manager's manager or the employees working under the individual do not like to work with them anymore because when rapid performance was required, the individual slowed down and now no one is interested in working with them.

The third point is to be aware of what is going on in the space that is how the change is taking place so quickly. The speaker said in a conference the company he was working with has taken over another company and has been an alliance with another company wherein they both will buy the same company, and the speaker is utterly confused. He specified that this is how one should be aware of what is going on in one's space. The speaker tried to explain to get out of comfort zone and try talking to people to grasp information from them as to what is happening in the surrounding and thereby the manager can witness improvements within him and his team.

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