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Webinar On Career as A Scrum Master With Swapna Mohapatra

Swapna Mohapatra Scrum Master

Scrum Master's role in a company is crucial as an individual has to be always ready to wipe out any hindrance insid...

Scrum Master Vs Project Manager | Agile Scrum Vs Waterfall Methodology

Swapna Mohapatra Scrum Master

A project manager initiates a project, communicates with the client and delivers it within timeline where as a scru...

3 Smart Skills For Your Scrum Master Resume Along With Popular Interview Questions

Swapna Mohapatra Scrum Master

In-order to make a noticeable scrum master resume, one can add their accomplishments in the respective field. An ef...

Scrum Master Definition | Fun And Challenges That Comes With Scrum Master Job

Swapna Mohapatra Scrum Master

Scrum Master Job demands excellent communication skills which is dynamic in nature, as a Scrum Master has to do dai...