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Webinar On Career as A Scrum Master With Swapna Mohapatra

Scrum Master's role in a company is crucial as an individual has to be always ready to wipe out any hindrance inside the team. A person must be on his right feet to make the process smooth. The role of the Scrum Master has both fun and challenging factors to deal with.

Project Management Swapna Mohapatra Scrum Master

What is the Scrum Master’s Role?

Scrum Master definition can be expressed as a facilitator of an agile development team. Protecting the progress of a project while some outside distractions create hindrance is essential and the Scrum Master.

Fun In The Career As Scrum Master

  • Out-Going Personality
    The interaction with all kinds of people in life is a fascinating aspect of the role of Scrum Master.
  • Cultivating Dynamic Communication Skill
    More interaction means your communication skill starts to level up.

4 Challenges All Scrum Master Faces in Their Career

  • Timeboxing the Meetings
    Daily standup happens every day in a project and giving time to all the team member within the time frame is quite tricky without timeboxing.
  • Different Locations Problem
    Team members may stay in various countries and communicating with them all at once or a specific time frame different than yours can be the biggest challenge.
  • Training the Team
    Training amateur team can be very challenging as the communication bond takes time to grow over time.
  • Product Owner and Scrum Master’s Bitter Sweet Relationship
    Product owners give requirements and expect everything just as he/she has proposed. Now Scrum Master has to communicate with the reality of the requirement fulfilment. Scrum Master has to deal with all the wrath or disappointment and win the heart back of the Product Owner to deliver the product.

Educational Background Must Become Scrum Master

People from all kind of background can be a Scrum Master. However, getting a certification is vital for becoming a Scrum Master. Apart from the certification, you must have the urge to learn about the processes and the way it works.

Be willing to learn the technical aspects to an extent. Any specific college degree is not important to become a Scrum Master.

Widely Demanding Certifications To Secure The Position Of Scrum Master

  • Agile Certified Scrum Master Certification:
    Basic course
    Scaled Agile Framework: Many companies are looking for this certificate for the Scrum Master’s career


  • Get Certification as Scrum Master:
    You will be able to manage one team.
  • Can Manage More Complex Team or Multiple Teams
    Once you manage one team, you get accustomed to your work and then you can go higher to lead a complex team or multiple teams at once.
  • Agile Coach
    After gaining expertise in managing team, you can become the coach to train agile methodology.
  • Product Manager of Whole Area
    Mastering the Agile Coach position, you can eventually become Product Manager of complete area.

3 Job Searching Steps A Scrum Masters Must Take

  • Build Wide Network
    In a Scrum Master career, networking is the biggest benefit.
  • Meet With People in Person
    Meeting up with the people who are in the same position as yours or related job titles can be a significant step to take.
  • Stay Connected with Your Network
    Your strong network will help you in your career as a Scrum Master.

Top 3 Skills To Make Your Resume Noticeable

  • Certification is Important
    The certificate is proof of your accomplishment, so definitely you must have certification to stand out.
  • Collaboration Skill
    The collaboration skill is one of the top skills required as a Scrum Master.
  • Effective Communication
    The Scrum Master definition also requires excellent communication skill for daily interaction with many types of people.

5 Frequently Asked Questions On The Interviews For Scrum Master

  • If a developer is having some problem to progress with a user’s story then as Scrum Master how can you ensure that he/she doesn’t sit idle?
  • What is the most significant Scrum ceremony within 2 weeks sprint in your opinion?
  • How do you manage your daily standup?
  • How do you manage a retrospective where everyone in the team feels comfortable to interact with each other?
  • What is the most significant job of a
  • Scrum Master?

Facts That Draws Differences Between Scrum Master And Project Manager

Project manager manages the timeline, the budget of a project. They also focus on the managing process inside a project.

Scrum Master gives coaching facilities to the team. They also monitor the progress of every sprint review session. Scrum Masters assist the team in estimating and also increasing their velocity. They cheer and motivates the team to progress positively.

What Are The Differences Between Agile Methodology And Waterfall Methodology?

  • Work Approach:
    Agile methodology in the Scrum process is an incremental approach while waterfall methodology is divided into specific phases.
  • Flexibility:
    Agile is a flexible approach. Waterfall methodology is rigid, unlike the agile approach.

  • Testament Review Time:
    After each Sprint review session, the testaments are reviewed in agile methodology. But for waterfall methodology, it is not so often like the agile method.

  • Requirement Consistency:
    In Scrum Master’s career, agile methodology means going with the flow when it comes to requirements. The requirement in waterfall technology is fixed so it is best for never changing systems.

Advice To Become Successful Scrum Master

  • Keep Your Network Fair:
    As a Scrum Master, you need to communicate with various people of different types. Keeping the communication fair within your network will take you a long way.
  • Profound Research:
    Before starting with a project, doing thorough research is crucial as things in the market are always changing. Stay up-to-date to become ace in your role of Scrum Master.