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What Restricts An Employee To Perform With Full Potential?

Workplace stress management is essential for everyone. We tend to overthink and this leads to overburden and exhaustion however enjoying and working for a purpose helps in taking care of stress. Physicality, control and balance need to be checked.

Speaking Skills Training Lauri Smith CEO of Voice Matters

An employee might find it challenging to deliver his or her best on a particular day primarily due to stress factors. For workplace stress management consider the following.

We tend to think a lot, sometimes which leads to overthinking. From the start of the day, we think about where and how we are going to show up, what are we going to speak and how good would the interaction be with other people. Focusing on everyday work, we always have this fear of not being able to deliver or what our boss expects from us. Instead of investing time on something important and productive, this fear surrounds us, and we generally end up deciding on the aspects which are urgent and vital and which are not. For instance, if you are a basketball fan, one of the reasons why Steph Curry might be the best 3-point shooter is that he doesn’t try to miss, instead pictures the ball going into the net.

Similarly, in the case of river-rafting, if you are not enjoying the ride, instead of thinking about not hitting the rocks, and you eventually end up hitting the rocks. There should be some purpose or goal in the workplace scenario, and there is one thing that can get in the way of anyone performing at their full potential, and we need to understand these. There are three different aspects which can be labelled as ABCs where A stands for physicality; we should never for a moment think that we are incapable of doing something. The C stands for control, sometimes we work extra hard and in the process get exhausted, and our visions get restricted by the blinders. The B is the balance, where we are grounded and make eye contact with others and aware of peripheral vision. Thus physicality is assertive but not aggressive, A is meek, C is aggressive, and B is assertive, and this enables everyone to share their best ideas.

Working non-stop at a company can be tiresome leading to stress; however, the pointers mentioned above should be handy in difficult situations.

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