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Should An Employee Answer To Work Mails On Weekends?

Work Ethics is an important Viewpoint. The video ponders over the controversial question whether one should actually reply to work emails on weekends. You can find a brief description of workplace stress management in this article. by our expert Rashim Mogha, Senior Director of Oracle. She also speaks about maintaining organized work ethics and keeping up the work pressure.

Speaking Skills Training Rashim Mogha Senior Director at Oracle

Ethics is the conduct or behavior of a person. Work ethics therefore is the behavior or conduct of a person in their workplace. It is the behavior of a person towards their work and surroundings. It is the viewpoint of a person on the work they are given. Showing respect to each other in one's working place shows the morality and upbringing of the person.

Honesty and integrity are the main elements in work ethics. Companies of the current generation look towards the behavior, honesty and communicating qualities of their employees. Now this does not give the companies the right to exploit their employees. It is the general right of the employee to respond to the mails send by their officials. But if the mails are send on weekends, it is the employees' choice to choose when to reply. On working days the company has all rights to expect a reply from its employee as it is their moral duty to respond to official mails. But on holidays or weekends, the employees are not bound to reply. This does not suggest that the employee does not have basic ethics. The employees' must reciprocate the respect they give to their higher officials.

Work ethics does not need to be taught or preached, rather they are inherent. Any being with the basic knowledge of respect, has an inborn talent of work ethics. Every person, starting from the interview, till the joining day, pays equal respect to their heads and higher officials. With hard work, and virtuous values one can easily gain trust of their higher officials. And with proper ethics in their workplace, one gains respect in their co-worker's point of view. For example, if someone asks for water, and you refuse to provide them with water, this throws a bad impression on you, and the co-worker gets annoyed with you. But if you provide them with what they want, they grow a place of respect for you, and appreciate your kindness. So work ethics is a crucial thing in one's workplace.

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