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The Best Job Search Strategy on LinkedIn

This video entirely proposes about the job search in Linkedin. In this video, Rashim Mogha draws focus on the robust strategies associated with the job search in Linkedin. For the job search in Linkedin, Rashim Mogha gives her viewpoint on how vital it is to be presentable during a job search in Linkedin.

Interview Preparation Rashim Mogha Senior Director at Oracle

Rashim Mogha who is a Senior Director at Oracle, through this video talks about the best job search strategy on Linkedin. She proposes the areas to be focused on while dealing with a job search in Linkedin.

According to Rashim, the first and the foremost thing that is important is the "brand". According to her, which works the best when it comes to Linkedin is paying emphasis to one's brand. Rashim, herself says that one should work on the brand primarily. The second thing she talks about is the people who are essential in this. Once the individual has worked on the brand, and when he/she meets the right kind of people over Linkedin. People start connecting well when they see the well presentable brand with the people making them understand about the job role in a better way.

In her suggesting video about the job search in Linkedin, she also asserts about the vast contacting. According to Rashim, the candidate should be comfortable in asking the recruiter about recommending him/her for that job and at the same time she also questions the aspirant to talk to the connection as well if they want to know more about the job role.

After giving tips on the job search on Linkedin, Rashim talks about what are negative points that candidates usually commit. Rashim completely rejects the candidate's idea of sending their resume as a connecting request. She asks the candidates not to submit resumes in such an indirect manner, asking them to look for a suitable method.

Rashim says that this is one of the frequent mistakes she finds with the candidates struggling with a job search in Linkedin as well as in Oracle. She tells that by doing this, the candidate makes the work of the recruiter much more difficult as the recruiter faces problems in placing the candidate for a specific job.

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