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How to Handle Difficult Conversation With Your Senior at Workplace?

Difficult conversation, or more specifically, difficult conversations at work with a senior is something we all face. Mostly we try to avoid it because we are unsure of the right way to tackle this. Lauri Smith elaborates on the how to handle such conversations.

Speaking Skills Training Lauri Smith CEO of Voice Matters

Lauri Smith theorizes that soul suckers, which deplete you mentally and emotionally, are the ones in charge when you avoid difficult conversations at work with your senior. She expands on this theory by recalling an incident from when she was an instructor.

A group of disruptive students grew more louder and distracting in their behaviour over time just because she kept letting their behaviour slide. She wanted to avoid an unpleasant scene and so was avoiding the issue. One day they jeered and mocked a vulnerable student for his mistake. That is when she gathered up her courage to correct them.

Difficult Conversations are Necessary

Turning a blind eye or refusing to address a difficult conversation does not make it disappear. Instead, it keeps coming back to us with renewed vigour. It follows us even when we change jobs. The first step to handle this is to stop labelling it as a hard or difficult conversation. Negative labelling can lead to sweeping problems under the carpet or having incomplete conversations without proper clarification. These are potentially dangerous situations.

Attach Positive Labels

Think of it as a conversation that matters. Honour it by calling it a courageous conversation. This way you will find in you the courage to tackle such a conversation. Approach the situation head on. Set an intention to resolve it and visualize the sweet rewards at the other end. It may be a stronger relationship and even an increased self -belief about handling oneself with dignity in challenging situations.


Evasion and avoidance of any difficult situation is never the answer. It is best to address that difficult conversation at work with your boss and overcome it rather than let it grow and become a potential landmine.

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