What Do You Like Most About Working At Schlumberger?

Working with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds is very exciting. Camaraderie on field between co-workers leads to immense job satisfaction at Schlumberger. They have their presence in more than 85 countries and it offers you the chance to work in other countries also.

Emrys Gintings Mechanical Engineer

Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company. It has a global presence across 85 countries. There are many reasons why one would love to work in Schlumberger. They are:

  1. The primary reason would be the chance to work with people from many different backgrounds and from many different countries. There is a wide diversity of culture in the workforce. This makes for a very interesting interaction between co-workers.
  2. Schlumberger has its presence in more than 85 countries around the world. This gives you an opportunity to work in many other countries. From a work point of view, this is really great flexibility to have.
  3. A strong camaraderie between co-workers is a really nice thing to have. Fieldwork demands this kind of closeness with colleagues because of the kind of job it is. You have to spend a lot of time with your co-workers on the field and this friendship and closeness really help.
  4. Off the field, while there is not that strong a camaraderie, there is an exchange of knowledge sharing. You have the freedom to just walk into your colleagues or senior’s office and ask them any work-related question. Most of the times, they are really happy to help you and to explain things to you. People who are experts in their fields also write and design books to guide other people about any particular topic.
  5. Working Experience At Schlumberger?


    Life at Schlumberger

    • Schlumberger is a great place to work. It has an amazing culture and environment. Its best part is the people around you. Everyone there is amazing and to the best of themselves. People make the company culture there rather than decided by management.
    • Schlumberger gives you great opportunities to b on top of management. If you have abilities to perform well and show up your skills then you can definitely grow as much as you want but for that, you are the one who is responsible for your growth.
    • You need to evaluate yourself, seek your inner capabilities and work upon them. Just dig into yourself take deep thoughts what you aspire to be and the organisation stands with you to reach to that level. They have a lot of development opportunities for their employees and run a programming career progression system especially for technical people as their growth becomes stagnant after certain level as they do not have the benefit of getting promotions starting from lower management then moving towards middle and upper management.
    • A company runs a program for them where they can assess themselves that what have they done and what they have not been able to in the last few years and they themselves are responsible for that. It is a self-driven and motivation program that helps in their career growth.
    • If they will to go set some position whether they possess skills required or not then in that case as well they can aspire for that. They can speak to management about the same and if management thinks them of being capable, it asks an individual to create a plan and training required for that position and after submission company helps in providing it to an employee. It is called a career orientation review which is being performed every three to five years.


    Most Interesting Project as a Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical engineering is that branch of engineering which is associated not only with the designing or manufacturing of machines that both uses and produces energy but is also concerned with solving certain problems so as to bring betterment in the society. In the view of its problem identifying solving approach, the mechanical engineers from time to time come across many exciting projects that brings an array of opportunities to improve and sharpen their skills