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Are Certification Programs Needed For Mechanical Engineer Jobs?

Once you are employed as a mechanical engineer, it is imperative that you navigate your career to open more opportunities in the future. One of the best ways to proceed is to complete a mechanical engineering certification. The Six Sigma Certification program can do wonders for a mechanical engineer and brighten his/her prospects!

Mechanical Engineering Pierre-Olivier Gourmelon Senior Mechanical Engineer

So you are a mechanical engineer who is not very pleased with the way your career is progressing. Perhaps you were expecting to progress a little further around this point in your life. Well, have you considered completing a mechanical engineering certification?

In the current job market where the competition is intense, certification programs can come in handy to help you get a head start. As a mechanical engineer, your primary job is to find solutions for issues in design and implementation of certain systems of products.

  • It is generally required to use live techniques on projects that are running live. Instant results are sometimes required, though the product may have to shut down, or worse, the plant being shut permanently.
  • Mechanical engineering is a high-stress field.  In America, these engineers must have licensures which consist of work experience, proper education, and passing of certain examinations.

Is the Six-Sigma Program Useful for Mechanical Engineers?

The six-sigma certification program can help you develop your skills and talents. Though you would have learned a lot at college or university and are perhaps employed, you need to understand that a company is going to hire you, only if you can solve problems, live.

Simply put, companies hire candidates who have powerful problem-solving abilities. To be able to get those capabilities, a six-sigma program would be highly recommended for mechanical engineers.


What are the Career Prospects of a Mechanical Engineer with Certifications?

With a mechanical engineering certificate in your hands, you can apply to several industries including the government sector, utility firms, and automobile manufacturers. With the help of further education like an MBA program or Six Sigma certifications, you can see your career prospects widening instantly. Those of you wanting to become professors or lecturers in colleges or universities might consider getting their doctoral degree. In the United States of America, the mean yearly package of a mechanical engineer is close to $100,000.

According to data available, that is going to increase significantly, when compared to other jobs because of the intense competition and tasks. Fields like nanotechnology and oil and gas companies have immense potential for mechanical candidates with the right kind of certifications and talents. As you can see, the potential for a mechanical engineer to scale the ladder to the top is a possibility provided, he has the right kind of talents, skills, and certification programs up his/her belt.


How Might an Industry Professional (Mechanical Engineering) Benefit From an Advanced Degree?

Engineering is a vast field, which has a breadth of specializations in it. However, the medicinal engineering professional offers an array of opportunities and choices that can fit an individual’s abilities and preference. Entering into this profession as a professional can be done by getting several educational pathways. While getting certifications, PhD or an advanced mechanical engineer degree program can help to boost earning power and can also help to lead into job advancement.



In mechanical engineering, pursuing an additional degree brings up an opportunity to stay up to date on the latest technology. The mechanical engineer degree and advanced courses not only help a student to be the best in the field, but also show recruiters that the candidate is ready to take up responsibilities and leadership roles at the company.

A second degree can also bring opportunities to specialize in different areas than what you might have studied in your undergraduate career, or in the nuanced specialty of your field.


Benefits of Having an Advanced Mechanical Engineer Degree are:

  • You’ll gain skills and expertise knowledge:
    Most of the professional mechanical engineers try to stay up to date by learning the latest industry trends and practices. While studying an advanced mechanical degree a student can get closer to the action of evolving and new technologies and advancements which may include innovations, research and software.
  • You’ll earn a high salary
    Mechanical engineering is definitely one of the most popular and every growing field, so you might have to face a lot of competition in every aspect of your career. Meanwhile, there are many new engineers vying for the latest positions, and most of them only pursue an undergraduate degree. To set apart from other engineers you can obtain a PhD or an advanced mechanical engineer degree or you can apply for internships to make yourself ahead in the same role.

While depending on your preferences and skills you can choose from different specialties in engineering that can allow you to gain focus, knowledge and high paid jobs.


Is the Professional Engineering License Worth It?

In this new age of technology, engineering is taking center stage for all industries. Professional engineering exams offer engineers licenses for performing engineering projects across the industry. If you are an engineering student, you should consider taking a PE license exam to open more opportunities for your career!



A professional engineer license is an essential tool for engineers who are looking forward to work in the industry that matters public safety. If you have a PE license, you can work with these companies without waiting for license. Also, the PE exam and certification requires hard work and lengthy course study, so it advisable to prepare for the exam before graduation.

There are lots of benefits to professional engineering examinations. The examination gives you a license to perform your engineering duties with high stature. PE certified engineers gain more respect and opportunities than other engineers who don't complete the exam. Companies search for engineers who are more qualified and certified by trusted boards compared to the general pool of applicants. By completing professional exams, you can enter the industry with higher claims to pay and authority.

Not all companies look for engineers with PE certificates, and so as a result many engineers do not bother taking the exam. However, if you are looking for more opportunities to be, for example, a structural engineer or building engineer, you would need a PE license. A PE license ensures your employers about your stability and stature as a certified engineer.

A PE certification also allows engineers to open independent consulting practices, government engineering jobs or engineering institutions. A Professional engineering exam certificate is essential for engineers who are looking to open their own engineering firm and manage public works departments. Although completing the PE exam and certification is long and difficult, it is worth the effort to ensure a bright future!

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