What Is Your Typical Day As A Mechanical Engineer? | Mechanical Engineering

On a typical day, mechanical engineers analyses technical drawing and schematics, test them and interpret them. They meet with other engineers in the team and discuss the implementation of the drawings, the posture correction and execution is taken along. Every day is very unique for mechanical engineers.

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Mechanical Engineers are responsible for designing, testing, evaluating and implementation of the program in day to day basis. They study the schematics and computer-generated reports. The team of engineers discusses these technical drawings and viability. Many times it happens that the initial set of drawings are rejected or send for further evaluation and editing.

The main work of a mechanical engineer is to research, design and implement. These work areas are further expanded to teamwork, modelling, execution, testing, correction, performance specs and reporting. Not a single day is different for an engineer who is the same.

The mechanical engineer needs to build something unique and new every time. When he works for a project, he makes sure that the product is workable, complete and very importantly as per the specifications of the customer. He can be assigned to any department whether inside in the office or field job. But most of the functions of the engineer remains the same. However, it gets challenging with a change in product or product design.

Apart from working with the core designs and developing product, mechanical engineers also comment on designs, enhance and update the product and test the final product for its viability. The job description of an engineer is not comprehensive. He needs also needs to focus on the feedback that come from the sales team and customer.

On a typical day, they also conduct researches and tests to analyze the design feasibility of the product. Their recommended design is then sent to the team of engineers who work out the prototype as per the budget and discuss the viability of the project. The team of mechanical engineers develops, co-ordinate and monitor the progress of the product. Apart from the production area, they are responsible for the sales and after services of the product. They also perform functions related to the personnel. Such as the supervision of workers from production, technicians drawings, and testing technicians.


What is your typical day as a Mechanical Engineer at Schlumberger? | Mechanical Engineering

When students are studying mechanical engineering to become a mechanical engineer they often want to know how a day unfolds for a typical mechanical engineer in the workspace. There are many phases of works through which these engineers have to go through.

  • Learn about the Project Requirements: When a project comes in, a mechanical engineer has to dedicate a lot of his/her time on meeting with stakeholders. They have to determine what these people want out of the project. It is called the requirement phase, the most essential part of every product development, as there is no way to step in the wrong direction. If you are a mechanical engineer, then you can't put your effort to design something that doesn't resonate with what those people want.
  • Interaction is the Key: A more significant part of your time, in the beginning, will be devoted to the interaction with the stakeholders, to make sure they understand what they want and it is possible for you to deliver. You have to research very thoroughly in the beginning phase.
  • Team Work for Design Phase: After requirement phase comes to the designing phase. In this phase, the engineer has to put his/her energy to build the design. Various companies use various software to proceed with the designing work. For most part, you will be working with others in the team. It is vital as together you will be able to build something. The amalgamation of various software requires specialization, and within a group mostly someone resides that have mastery over a specific software. It helps to create a better design.  


Why Reviewing the Design is Important

Design reviews with peers are an essential part of this phase to ensure that every person is on the same page in designing. No one should make any mistake. When a challenge comes, everyone will ready to deal with it together. The stakeholders also have to be on-line with the reviews to show that you are carrying on the project.

  • Assembling in Lab: Next, you have to assemble the part that you have drawn and built. A lot of your time will be spent in the lab with Maya. Here you have to join all the designs to build what the client has envisioned.
  • Documentation is Crucial: After the designing phase, comes the testing phase. It is the second most important part after the requirement stage. The test phase will be spent mostly on the test facilities at the mechanical engineering job. You need to document every step that you have taken to build what you are assigned to. The tests, test reports writing procedures must have dedicated documentation. This helps to show your clients that you are working on his/her project with the right steps. This documentation part is a vital part of a mechanical engineer's life.